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I’ve written before about how I don’t like my legs and have used my cankles as motivation.  And the other day I shared how even though I am still not happy with my legs, I now am in awe at what they can do and use my respect for them as motivation.

When I was using my cankles as motivation it was when the treadmill was facing a mirror and I saw my legs straight on, which is not a flattering angle.  My newest thing now is getting on a treadmill where the mirror is to the side and I can see my legs working the whole time.  When I feel like I’m going to fall over and I’m going to die, I glance to the side and see my muscles moving in my calves.  For some of you this might not be something you’ve ever considered watching because you’ve always been able to see the legs in your muscles move (I used to be able to see it when I was a dancer) or you’ve never struggled through running.  But for someone who went from struggling through 30 seconds of running to 10 minutes of running, seeing those muscles move is amazing.

I tried capturing the experience on my phone and almost tripped on the treadmill.  And of course this was on one of the days when my admirer was at the gym doing the stair climber for his normal 2 hours.  He laughed.  So I paused the treadmill and took a picture without killing myself and when I looked at the photo I thought “hey those stems aren’t looking too shabby.”  I haven’t measured my legs since January and I don’t know if I’m actually losing inches or if it is just my improved outlook on my legs, but I’m pretty proud of them!

What do you use for motivation? 


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Drink Me

Back in January I went to NYC for new representative training part deux.  One of the awesome things about my company is that we work hard and party harder.  We went out to dinner every night we were there and enjoyed the wonderful delicacies that New York has to offer.  One of my favorite moments?  Going to Max Brenner‘s.  One of my colleagues ordered a milk shake for dessert and out comes this awesome, Alice-inspired cup that I then discovered is also sold in the gift shop.  Oh man.  I have since drank every thing I possibly could from this cup.  My favorite thing to indulge in from this cup is a good berry smoothie.

Berry Smoothie with pb and raspberry jam spread on a gluten-free waffle.

Berry Smoothie

(all berries are frozen but fresh works just as well!)

1 c. blueberries
1/2 c. raspberries
1/2 c. blackberries
2 big spoonfuls plain greek yogurt
about 1/3 c. water (I only do this when I use frozen fruit so that the shake doesn’t clump into a big frozen mess)
1 tbsp. ground flax
1 tbsp. acai powder
1 tbsp. Sunwarrior protein powder

Combine all in your blender of choice, blend, pour into your Drink Me cup, and enjoy!  (I use a magic bullet).

What’s your favorite smoothie?  Do you have a special cup or plate?

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I can’t run and I signed up for a 5k

Am I crazy?  I signed up for a 5k before I even started training or knowing if I could run without injuring myself.  I had severely injured my knees two summers ago when I decided to start running.  The extra, extra pounds my body wasn’t used to carrying just crushed my knees and that was that.  But I decided that the fact that I’m turning 26 this year and can’t even run 20 seconds without getting winded is just ridiculous and not right.  So I signed up for a 5k and then started training.  Crazy, right?

Not so much.  I am one of those people that starts something and doesn’t finish it.  Maybe because it got too hard, or I was sick of it, or I got distracted, or (the most common reason) I thought I wouldn’t succeed and so I quit before giving myself a real chance.  So to make sure I couldn’t do that this time, I roped in two of my cousins to join me in the 5k and started publicizing it.  I announced it on Facebook and I sent an email to friends and family asking them to donate on my behalf to support me (don’t forget to donate!)  Too many people know for me to quit and they even ask me about it (shaming me when I realized I haven’t done enough)!

So even though a lot of people advise to see how your body is adjusting to running before signing up for a race, I say fiddlesticks!  There is no better motivator than a shared, public commitment that too many people know about for you to quit or you’ll be embarrassed and ashamed that you failed at something people who are 4 times your age, who have one leg, and who do it in a wheelchair using their arms accomplish every month.

What do you do to stick to your fitness?  Any goals you’ve set with an upcoming birthday in mind?