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5 Ways Rule: stripe long sleeve t from Loft

Welcome to the 5 Ways Rule!

What is it you ask?
Good question.
The 5 Ways Rule is to come up with 5 ways to wear something you are thinking about buying before buying it. But that’s not it! You then have to actually wear the looks within the first month or two (depending on the item… shoes can be worn every week easier than a top can!).

I’m currently on a shopping ban as per the 30×30 challenge so I thought it would be fun to feature 5 ways I’d wear a long sleeve tshirt I recently got from Loft on sale. All of the items shown are something I either already own or own something very similar.

5 Ways Rule: stripe long sleeve t from Loft
Which look is your favorite?  Could you follow the 5 Ways Rule?

Blogspiration: Thrift & Shout

My favorite place to find outfit ideas are bloggers because they are real people with real jobs living in a real world.  Magazines and clothing ads are nice, but often aren’t so easy to recreate.  But a blogger?  I can recreate that.  And many bloggers include links where you can either get the item or one similar to it.  Perfect.

So I decided to create a board on Pinterest called Blogspiration.  In an effort to get more creative with my outfits I’m challenging myself to recreate and post Blogspiration outfits.  I thought it only made sense to make the very first Blogspiration post the very first outfit that inspired the whole idea.  Meet Lindsey from Thrift & Shout.









Pants: Loft, cobalt.
Cardigan: Loft, striped.
Top: Unknown, white sheer.
Shoes: Steve Madden, yellow.
Jewels: Necklace, borrowed.  Bracelet, Stella & Dot.  Bracelet, borrowed.

When I saw Lindsey’s outfit I was shocked.  I pretty much have all those pieces!  And I had just been thinking of how I could wear this cardigan.  I’d only been wearing it with basic black or jeans so when I saw Lindsey pair her incredibly similar sweater with cobalt, I knew I had to do the same.

Huge thanks to my awesome photographer and bestie, Becky, aka “the friend.”  I enlisted her help to take a ton of pictures one weekend so you’ll be seeing more of her work.  She also was kind enough to bring over tons of accessories so we’d have lots of options.  I wish we had thought to take a photograph of our little setup.  We felt very Rachel Zoe and kept yelling at each other like they do on the show.  So sad we don’t have a photo but we do have this random shot.


We definitely had a lot of fun with our photoshoot and we plan on doing it again… well at least I do.  Hopefully she does too.  One last photo for you all because if there is an unattended motorcycle you have to pose with it.  (expect to see this motorcycle in a few more posts!  I was obsessed with it)


What has inspired you lately?  

Thank you to the gorgeous Lindsey for her permission to use her photo!


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Monochrome and My Really White Legs

Wowzers.  Check out these bad boys!


Pretty intense.

I actually don’t mind being pale.  I’ve never been one who feels the need to tan which is a good thing since I clearly don’t tan.  I’m really against the fake-bake.  Ladies, and men, it does not look natural.


I’m a freckly, pale lady and darn proud of it.


But seeing these photos just highlighted the fact that I HAVE to get back on the workout train.  Good thing I got two new workout DVD’s, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and JM Killer Buns and Thighs.  How appropriate.

326But regardless of my legs color and size, I will always rock the skirts and dresses.  Been doing so since 1986 and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

376This is one of my absolutely favorite skirts.  Should have taken a close up.  Blogger fail.  I recently wore this outfit to work and felt so sleek in my monochromatic look all day.  Little did I realize my legs also joined in the monochrome party.

352Outfit details

Skirt: Loft, black and white.
Top: Old Navy, grey.
Cardigan: Forever 21, grey.
Shoes: Steve Madden, black.
Jewels: Earrings, Stella & Dot.

All items were already in my closet.

How do you do monochrome?

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