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DietBet: You Need to Join!

Two posts in one day, whatwhat?

Crazy town up in here.

(I love that I still use correct grammar when I’m talking like a fool.  Two degrees in English will do that to you).

The reason for this second post is because I am SO EXCITED about this.  About what, you ask?  About this!

Bloggers Bustin’ Their Buns

Bre from Peacoats and Plaid has put together a DietBet for bloggers (and non-bloggers too, of course!) to get ready for summah.  What is DietBet?  DietBet is pretty awesome.  It’s a website where you can join different weight loss bets and at the end of the bet, the winners all split the pot.  Here are more details:

– All bets are to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks.

– Opening bets are all different, but from my perusing of different ones happening the average and most common is $25

– You submit two weigh-ins: the beginning of the end.  For each weigh-in you take two photos, one is a full length of you standing on a scale and the other is a close up of your feet on the scale so that you can see your current weight.  Included in the close up photo is a piece of paper that you write a word on.  They give you the word around the time the photo is due to help weed out cheaters.  One thing I was worried about is if everyone will see my photos and weight.  Nope!  Only the behind the scenes “referees” see the photos and weight.  So no worries there!

– You can post pictures and write statuses on the bet’s page to motivate yourself and others but it isn’t necessary.

– You can donate your winnings to charity.

That’s a lot of details.  It sounds like so much fun and I am so excited!

I was so excited I actually joined another bet.  Bre’s doesn’t start for about 4 weeks and I wanted to do one now so I am also part of Get Ready For Summer which started now (if you’d like to join you can join in the middle of the bet).

Bre and I would love for you to join her bet!  If you’d like to join, you can send me a message (thejustjacq@gmail.com) or comment below with your email and I will send you an invite.  As of right now as I write this, the pot is at $250.  Say whaaaaat!

Okay, you know you want to join!


Sunday Prep

I know, I know, it’s Monday.  I’m a little late so let’s just jump right in.

I had zero desire to prep for my week last night, but I know the more I prep the better the week will be.  I don’t get home until 9 some nights and it is so helpful to be able to go to the fridge, get what I need, and throw it in my lunch bag.  If I didn’t prep I would not take the time every night to put together a lunch.

When deciding what to make for this week I had to keep a few things in mind.
1. My Dad is away this week and he is our chef so my Mom and I have to think of some dinners we can easily cook and throw together because we both don’t get home till late and we’re both starving when we get home.
2. Because there might not be a dinner every night I can’t count on those leftovers for lunch.
3. I really didn’t feel like grocery shopping so I tried to work with what we had.

I really enjoyed my grapes and cheese snack and salad that I packed last week so I decided to do them again.  Here’s what I came up with.


Make-Ahead Steel Cut Oats (I’ll post a true recipe soon).



I’ve been feeling a little sluggish so I think I’m going to prepare some shakes for breakfast too.  I’ll get back to you on that one 😉


Cooked a whole bunch of quinoa in the rice cooker.  This will serve as a quick dinner base too.

Salad.  I ended up eating my salads last week at around 3 in the afternoon everyday and it was heavenly.

Grapes and cheese.  We didn’t have any grapes, but I grabbed some at TJ’s this morning when I stopped to get groceries for the office.  8AM TJ’s is oh my gosh so much better than afternoon/evening TJ’s.  I love 8AM TJ’s.

Leftovers/chicken.  I had some leftover Greek chicken so I packed a pita to have chicken and Greek chicken sandwich.  I decided to marinate some chicken in EVOO and a garlic mix to cook up tonight to have in pitas for the rest of the week.  Only one mistake, I forgot EVOO solidifies in the fridge and when I woke up this morning I had an interesting marinade clump.  Wompwomp.  I hope it still tastes yummy.


We’re still lost here.  I started to scour Pinterest for some ideas and then got distracted by how annoying it is to search in Pinterest and I started to organize it.  Man Pinterest is such a glorious time waster.  So as of now, we have no dinner ideas.

Monday: Yoga (if I get out of the dentist on time)
Tuesday: Ballet
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Core Turbofire
Saturday: HIIT Turbofire
Sunday: Tone 30 Turbofire

What are your plans for the week?  Any crockpot dinner suggestions that isn’t full of meat and relies on a can of soup?






Meal Prep Sunday

Meal prep and getting ready for my week isn’t that difficult for me.  I’m an organized person by nature and if I don’t do some sort of prepping for the week, I feel frazzeled and rushed the whole week.  But I do know not everyone finds this easy and not everyone goes as crazy as I do.  One of my favorite bloggers, Gina from The Fitnessista, is definitely a huge fan of prep work and posts regular Sunday blogs reminding everyone to do so and sharing what she has done.  So I thought I’d join in the fun.

Fitness Schedule

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Ballet

Wednesday: TurboFire Tone 30

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: TurboFire (a cardio, I haven’t picked it yet)

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Home stretching

Does anyone else schedule this in their phone?  Not only that, does anyone else use fun little icons?

143 142


Meal Prep:

Today I spent the day prepping my breakfasts, lunches, and some dinners for the week.  On the menu:

Breakfast everyday: make ahead steel cut oats with brown sugar, 6 almonds, and 6 pecans.  Cook steel cut oats the night before, let cool, divvy into 5 containers with sugar, almonds, and pecans, and store in the fridge.  When you’re ready to eat, add a little milk of your choice and microwave for 30-60 seconds.  So easy, yummy, and filling.

010 008


Lunches: prepped 5 salads with spring mix, avocado, tomatoes, egg and chicken.

007 001


Also for lunch, pita pockets with turkey, provolone, avocado, mayo, and tomatoes.  I don’t make sandwiches ahead of time… don’t want a soggy pita!

Snack: grapes and string cheese.013

Dinner: some nights I go right from work to yoga or ballet and Monday is one of those nights so I made 2 halves of a pita sandwich, one for lunch and one for dinner.  And I’ll probably grab a banana from the snack counter at work.  Gotta keep it light before yoga.

Everything is stored in the spare fridge in the basement and I just grab what I need the night before and bring it upstairs.  Saves me so much time and worry every morning!

How do you prep for your week?