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Rachel & Scott

I got crafty this weekend.  Crafty in a jiff.

Rachel‘s engagement party snuck up on me.  Well, September snuck up on me really.

I knew I wanted to get a little something for the happy couple.  I met Rachel in grad school and we instantly fell in lurve.  Our mutual love of yoga, all things French, and being our own selves drew us together like velcro.

And then she had to go and move to Connecticut to live with some boy.  Seriously?  Who would leave me?

And now they are engaged.  I guess the move was a good one after all?

So I opened my basket of embroidery tools and sat down to make this lovely number.  Best part?  It’s from my heart (ha!) and (cover your eyes, Rachel!) it cost me about $6!  What do you think?

Got the idea from Pinterest.  The pin said it came from an Etsy shop but she closed down.  I felt a little bad taking her idea, but hey that’s the internet I guess!

Okay, I still feel bad.  But I thank her for giving me this great idea!

Letters and arrow are done in back stitch.  The heart is split stitch.

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Interested in a custom embroidered piece?  Contact me for more information!

Have you recently made anything for a friend?  How do you feel about handmade gifts?


Milo Pillow

Another pillow my friends.

This one was inspired by my cousin who named her son after the character in her favorite book, The Phantom Tollbooth.

Here is the real Milo.

Here is the fictional Milo.

This is the image I used.

I had the opportunity to deliver the pillow right to the real Milo, but the little bugger is too quick to get any pictures of him with his namesake.  However, I did take quite a few shots in my parents yard beforehand so lucky for us there are plenty of pictures.

I followed the same method I used for the other pillows.
Mr. Owly Pillow
Baby Owl Pillow

I use an iron- transfer pen to trace the image and iron it onto the fabric.  Here are quick instructions I wrote.   And again I used Martha’s instructions on the envelope-back pillow.

I used the image above of Milo and only traced him.  I then cut around the tracing to iron onto the fabric.

Sorry for the crazy lighting.  The iPhone usually does pretty good.  Not too shabby in the likeness, eh?

This project was pretty quick.

I decided to stick with the artists original rendering by only doing a black outline.

I went with green fabric to match what Eileen said Milo’s room is.  You might notice a similarity between this and another one of my pillows 😉

Just a simple back stitch here; made it nice and quick.

Different parts of the body have different thread counts.  Sadly, I can’t remember.  I believe the head and hands are 2-thread and the clothes are 3.  The shoes might be 4.  And his hair could be 2 or 3.

I’m rather proud of it.

If you’d like a pillow, please contact me for more information!

Baby Owl Pillow

My first big girl job was sales support associate.  In that role I supported sales representatives in the mid-atlantic and Canada regions.  That position allowed me to learn from so many successful representatives and I was fortunate enough to have two of them write me letters of recommendations when I was applying for the position I have now with the company.  One of those reps has become my friend and mentor so I was super excited when I found it she is having a baby boy.  I wanted to give her a gift and make it something special.  So of course I whipped out my embroidery tools and made her a pillow.

I followed the same process I did with Emily’s pillow and am so happy with the results.

I found the image here and I cut out the baby bird I wanted and taped it the branch so that I could outline the back with the iron transfer pen.  Want to know how?

(I was debating between that one and this one but went with the above image.)









I made the pillow olive green after Jen told me the colors of her baby’s room and I chose the owls because of the nursery theme: woodland friends.  Too cute!!

I made an envelope backed pillow cover using Martha Stewart’s instructions.  Love my Martha!

The embroidery floss colors were chosen to be bright, cherry, and boyish.

Pinks for the Mama Bird.

Blues for the Baby Bird.

Brown tree branches.

And a brighter green for the leaves (sorry for the dark picture).

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Stitches Used:

– Owl outlines and branches: Back Stitch

– Owls’ beaks, Mama Owl’s circles, and Baby Owl’s stripes: Satin Stitch

– Leaves: Split Stitch

If you’d like me to make you a pillow, let me know!  Prices range depending on the image.  Contact me for more information!