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Homemade gifts

Is it too late to write posts about the holiday season?  I’m going to go with NO and write what I want to write.  🙂 I hope you all will allow me this slight delay in theme.

First, a little history.  I had a slight inkling back in the fall that I might be out of a job at the end of 2012 and as each month went by I was more and more sure of that feeling.  It was finally confirmed about a week before Christmas that I was indeed being laid off and my last day would officially be December 31.  I had already been planning for this and stopped any unnecessary expenses in November and decided that this Christmas, some people would be getting a few handmaid items.  Fortunately for them I had been expanding my repertoire of crafts and was able to make them something more than just a macaroni noodle collage of our faces.  Here is what I did!


Knitted Headbands105

This year I learned to knit for my Mom’s birthday gift.  Weirdly I didn’t take any pictures of her gift but I knit her washcloths/dishrags.  Sounds like a weird gift but it was what she wanted.  Every time she looks at dishrags or uses one of the ones she has she complains that they get moldy so quickly and they aren’t made like they used to be.  When I moved in with my roommate, I noticed she had hand knitted dishrags, that they were awesome, and didn’t get moldy.  So I asked her to teach me how to knit them and I set off making them for my Mom.  She received quite a lot of dishrags for Christmas.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture when I’m at my parents’ house next and update this!  Needless to say she was quite happy with them.

106When I realized how easy knitting was I started looking up directions on how to knit other things and came across this headband and saw that it used the same stitch I had been using for the dishrags.  I just needed different yarn!  So of course, off I went to the craft store and bought a ridiculous amount.  110I kept one of the above headbands for myself and the other went to my Grandma who is always cold.  160Emily requested a bow for her headband so of course I figured out how to make a bow.  Here I am modeling how it can also be worn as ponytail decoration.  I actually made her two bows.  This one and a gigantic one.  Again, I forgot to take a picture.  So this year Emily and her sister Lauren received headbands and bows.  I still have to finish a headband for Becky and my Mom but so far everyone has loved them!  I wear mine on my freezing cold runs outdoors, btw and it keeps my nice and toasty!


Picture Tile Coasters

I wanted to make my roommate something special and personal for Christmas and when I came across these coasters I knew I wanted to make some for her.  I love the idea of using quirky paper, but I knew Dashielle would appreciate something more personal.  So of course I became super sneaky and removed pictures she has in various places throughout the apartment and took them to Staples to make color copies.  Teehee.  I then used those color copies of her photographs as the paper for the coasters.  If you want to do something similar just make sure you resize the copies to fit the coasters, brighten or darken the pictures as needed on the copier, and leave plenty of time for the ink to dry on the paper.  It takes longer than you’d think.  And accept that there still might be some ink smearing when you apply the Mod Podge.  If you don’t want to risk any ink smearage than don’t do color copies!  Becky also made these and she used cute scrapbook paper and they turned out so fun!  Total cost?  About $4!


(I messed up on the bottom left and there is a crinkly in the paper)

Stamped Stationary

Dashielle and I share a love of stationary so I wanted to incorporate that into the gift as well.  Becky and I went to the craft store to search for ideas and came across some stamps I loved that I thought fit Dashielle to a T.  Of course, I didn’t take pictures of the ones I made her but here is an owl one I made for Emily.  108

I bought 4 different colored inks, a few different stamps, alphabet stamps, and plain white stationary.  On each envelope I stamped their names in the return spot.  This envelope is a little wonky… they got better with each one I did.  By the end I was a pro!  There is a matching color envelope for each card.  They turned out so cute!  Total cost?  About $10!  Dashielle, Emily, and Becky each received a set!  I tied each set with a curled ribbon to make it a little fancy.  Word to the wise? The quality of ink matters!  I bought ink for $1 each the first time and when I tried to stamp with them they came out too light and cheap looking.  I returned them and bought better ink with the 50% off each item the craft stores always have.  (PS there are Michaels and Joanns iphone apps that allow you to bring up the coupons really quickly and easily!)

I definitely had fun coming up with unique gifts and finding the right materials.  Fortunately I love to craft so these were totally a labor of love!

Did you make gifts this holiday season?







Rachel & Scott

I got crafty this weekend.  Crafty in a jiff.

Rachel‘s engagement party snuck up on me.  Well, September snuck up on me really.

I knew I wanted to get a little something for the happy couple.  I met Rachel in grad school and we instantly fell in lurve.  Our mutual love of yoga, all things French, and being our own selves drew us together like velcro.

And then she had to go and move to Connecticut to live with some boy.  Seriously?  Who would leave me?

And now they are engaged.  I guess the move was a good one after all?

So I opened my basket of embroidery tools and sat down to make this lovely number.  Best part?  It’s from my heart (ha!) and (cover your eyes, Rachel!) it cost me about $6!  What do you think?

Got the idea from Pinterest.  The pin said it came from an Etsy shop but she closed down.  I felt a little bad taking her idea, but hey that’s the internet I guess!

Okay, I still feel bad.  But I thank her for giving me this great idea!

Letters and arrow are done in back stitch.  The heart is split stitch.

To see my other craftiness, check out Milo Pillow, Baby Owl Pillow, and Mr. Owly Pillow.

Interested in a custom embroidered piece?  Contact me for more information!

Have you recently made anything for a friend?  How do you feel about handmade gifts?

Easter Chicks

This Easter I decided to get a little crafty in the dessert area and asked Emily to come over and help.  I made these at my parents house because I knew they’d be too difficult to transport and their kitchen is much bigger and nicer than mine.  Fortunately for me, my parents were away and didn’t witness the gigantic mess that occurs when you make cake pops!

Got all our chicks in a row!

Emily added wings and feet!

I couldn’t stop laughing!  See the mess in the background?  Good thing my mother was away!

The poor reject basket.  These little guys fell off their sticks.

The finished product!  Our eggs got a little messed up otherwise there would have been more!

To make your own cake pops visit Bakerella!

Have you made cake pops or cake balls?  How do you get crafty for the holidays?


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