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Kale, my love.

The end of the selling season is quickly approaching and soon I will be in my apartment every single day as opposed to every two weeks or every other week if I’m lucky.  I knew I was getting burnt out on traveling in March so I scheduled myself two quiet weeks at home and I’m in the second week.  I realized that I’ll actually have to cook my own meals over the summer and I don’t want to continue my quick, frozen food trend.  I like to cook and I like to eat even more, but my schedule doesn’t always allow for it.  During the selling season I’m not here often enough to really stock up on good, fresh, healthy foods.  I buy a lot of ready made healthy foods because I’m usually blowing in and out of the apartment without much time to cook.  So to prepare for the summer, and to make it something to look forward to, I’ve begun clipping recipes from my many magazines and storing them in a basket. 







I’m making it a goal to try two or three new healthy recipes a week.  I started today by making

Emily's pictures are much prettier so really, go to her site.

Balsamic Kale Salad with Apple and Pear


from Emily at the Daily Garnish (even if you don’t like kale I encourage you to visit her site for adorable pictures of her new baby boy.  Soooo cute!!!).





I discovered my love of kale in November when I made Cara’s Craving‘s Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Kale

Breakfast Pizza (sounds crazy, but I am telling you it is so, so, so good!) and my love just hasn’t stopped.  I made my first kale salad for Christmas Eve and I have to say, I loved it but my family did not.  It makes me sad that the people I have the most opportunity to make food for don’t like kale, but that doesn’t stop me!

How do you keep cooking and eating new and exciting?  Any foods you’ve discovered lately that you now love? I had never really eaten pears before and this recipe calls for sliced pear.  I was nervous about buying it because I wasn’t sure if I would like it but it is the perfect pair to the apple’s tartness!!  I might have another love.

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I <3 Oatmeal

I have a few new loves.  I’ve written about my asparagus, kale, smoothie, quinoa, and raw and rice milk loves.  And sometime soon I’ll be writing about my peanut butter love.  But now I’d like to share with you my oatmeal love.

I was never an oatmeal fan.  In fact, growing up my hot cereal of choice was cream of wheat and my brother’s was oatmeal.  It was one of the only foods we didn’t fight over since we didn’t like the other’s hot cereal.  A few years ago my mom started making steel cut oatmeal on the stove and I still didn’t like it.  But for whatever reason, call it getting older, maturing, being healthier, tastes changing, whatever, I started liking and craving oatmeal.  I find it to be an easy and healthy before bed snack, something you can quickly eat before work (or on the way to work), and often a dinner substitute.  I never thought to add protein powder to my oatmeal until I saw the Fitnessista doing it as both a cereal and her famous, and highly suggested, breakfast cookie.  What an easy way to add some protein and really get your fill!  And so began my journey in trolling the blog world for oatmeal recipes and realizing I am not alone in my oatmeal love.

Check out…

Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal

Eating Bird Food’s Creamy Overnight Oats

Cara’s Cravings’ Quick Pumpkin Protein Oats

Carrots ‘N’ Cake’s Instant Baked Oatmeal

Kath Eats Real Food’s love of Oatmeal is so intense she is an entire section of her blog devoted to it.  Tribute to Oatmeal

When you visit each of those links, be sure to click on their recipe page and you’ll find in almost every single one of them a separate section labeled oatmeal.  I’m telling you, people’s love of oatmeal is deep.

So because I’m new to oatmeal I have been relying on a lot of these recipes for ideas but I quickly found that it is hard to mess up oatmeal.  And so I give you tonight’s creation:

Quick Nutella Protein Oatmeal

(all measurements are an approximation as I didn’t measure when making this!)

–          ¼ cup oatmeal

–          1 tbsp protein powder (I use Sun Warrior)

–          Dash of salt

–          Soy milk to your wetness desire (teehee)

–          A spoonful of Nutella

Combine oatmeal, protein, salt, and soy milk (or your milk of choice) in a microwaveable bowl.  Microwave to your desired doneness (I left mine pretty wet).  Take out, stir, and plop a spoonful of Nutella on top.  Delish.

Check this out!

Check out this great post from one of my favorite bloggers, Cara’s Cravings.  You’ve seen me share her recipes before and here is another!  Perfect Protein Pancakes.

Recently, Cara had to majorly change her diet and one of the things out the window was dairy.  But that didn’t stop her!  She revamped her favorite protein pancakes to use tofu!  Crazy, I know!!  But I haven’t been led in the wrong direction by her yet so I think I’ll add this recipe to me list.
Bonus!  There is a giveaway on this post so be sure to check it out!!