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30×30 Week 4 and 3 and a giveaway!

Well I finally got around to taking pictures for this challenge.  One thing participating in this has taught me: I do not want to be a fashion blogger!  Oh my goodness, the pressure to take a photo everyday or a bunch in one day regularly is just too much for me to handle!

Here it goes!

Day 13: I love this outfit.  I don’t think I would have paired this bright pink with black together if not for the challenge.  Idk but I am always scared to pair bright colors with black.  It just seems like such a contrast to me.


Day 14: I loved tucking this top into the skirt.  It gave the shirt a different look and helped brighten up a simple grey skirt.005

Day 15: These are definitely my favorite pants and I love exploring ways to wear them.  I always looked at them as fancy pants, but I was feeling really casual today so I paired them with a casual shirt and I love it.

030Day 16: This top came in my stitchfix and it is definitely one of my favorites in my closet.  I wanted to dress it up this go-round so I paired it with my brown pencil skirt.

034Day 17: this look was inspired by the outfit I did for my guest post on Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins.  I love how crisp this cardigan looks over white.


Day 18: Spent in sweats!

Day 19: Spent in sweats again wompwomp!

Day 20: Thus begins the week of the period from hell.  I had no fashion motivation today and just wanted to be comfy.  I tried to spice it up with a scarf.  Also, my camera died right after I took this picture so I only got one and I don’t know why I look so sad.


Day 21: This is one of my favorite dresses and I wore it all winter as fancy pj’s.  And it served to hide my giant tummy perfectly today.  I rediscovered these sandals and love them once again.  P.S. Emily started taking pictures for me and encouraged me to dance.  Because I don’t take myself seriously, I can’t but help to post the dancing pictures of me.  But I’ll post a serious one too so you can see the dress. 083 078

Day 22: This is my favorite dress and I wanted to wear it during hell week.  The “sweater” isn’t part of the challenge but I cheated so that my butt would be covered.  I think it made the dress work appropriate.  And when I walked into work, the only other woman there said “oh a long one today.”  I’m not sure if that was approval or not.


Day 23: I whipped out the pants and blazer because we were supposed to have a big deal visitor today but he ended up not showing.  Whatever, I looked cute.  So please ignore the horrible fit here.  I’ll admit that I pulled these out of the hamper to snap these pictures and my crotch doesn’t look like that in these pants.032

Day 24: I shouldn’t have worn jeans this day.  My uterus wasn’t ready for it.  But I couldn’t think of another dress to wear!  Fortunately this top is pretty loose.


And here they all are all together:

week 4

week 3

week 2

week 1Finally, that giveaway!

30x30 Giveaway

The ladies of the 30×30 Challenge would like to gift you with a $60 shopping spree to a store of your choice!  Winner will be able to choose a gift card to one of our favorite stores—Loft, Old Navy, Gap, Target, or Forever 21!  Use the Rafflecopter to enter!  Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open from 5/27/2013- 6/2/2013 and the winner will be announced on 6/3/2013.  Entries will be validated.  Winner will be emailed and has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.  


Hair help!

A while ago I bought an Amazon Local deal for a cut and full head of highlights for $50.  Not a bad deal!  Definitely fits in my budget.

I’ve decided to get on the ombre train (I know, I’m late) because I want some fun summery highlights to brighten up this head of mine.  My current beauty idol is Katharine McPhee and although I couldn’t find a great picture of her hair, she has the best ombre highlights out there.  Watch this season of Smash (wtf, cancellation) to see what I mean.  Here are some of my favorites I found on the interwebs.  What do you think?


30×30 Week 3

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