Random and All About Me

Holy heck, guys. What was up with yesterday? When I threw together my Hair Help post I did not think it was going to be quite as poopular (I did that on purpose) as it was.  Ya’ll confuse me.  But whatevs, thanks for the love homies because I am dessspppperrraaatttteeelllllyyyyyyyy in need of some hair help.  This mane of mine is out of control.  I have thick hair and it grows heavier on the left side than the right so I get this crazy helmet look with giant chunks of hair on my left side.  And don’t get my started on these bangs.  They are doing the Farrah Fawcet wings.  Sexy.

And then the color.  I normally do it a reddish shade but didn’t feel like paying for that or doing it myself out of a box so I threw a brown on it recently that I think (I haven’t seen it in a while) is close to my natural shade.  I also knew I wanted to get highlights done and it is easier to maintain on my natural color than on a fake color.  Follow me?  So right now my hair is a very unexciting brown shade.

Basically what I’m saying is I look really really good and I can not wait for my appointment on Saturday.  I am a little nervous because I’m trying to grow my hair out (I always try and always end up cutting it) and I hate when you say that to a hairdresser and then they proceed to take inches off.  If I wanted inches off I would have said to take inches off.  My hairdresser in Bethlehem was the BEST at removing bulk without taking length.  I wish he wasn’t so far away.  And too cool for school.  His attitude always annoyed me.

Anyhoo, I hope I don’t come away looking like a striped zebra with cropped hair.  I hope I come away looking like this.Jennifer Aniston Long Hairstyles With Bangs

Yup.  I hope this hairdresser has a magic wand.  Face, body, hair, bangs, everything.  I want to walk out of that hair salon as Jennifer Aniston.  This is actually one of my favorite hair styles of hers.  I’ve always loved her bangs here.

In other news, I slept for about 11 hours last night.  Don’t adjust your screen, you read that right.  Yesterday was cramp city in my uterus and I was feeling horrible all day.  I contemplated leaving work early and then realized I do nothing at work which is exactly what I’d be doing at home so I figured there was no reason to leave work.  When I did finally get home, I told my Mom I felt like I was 14 again and I was going to go lie down for a little.  Well I fell asleep in my dress sometime around 8:30.  I did not intend to do that.  I woke up around midnight and put pjs on and promptly fell back asleep.  Homegirl didn’t even eat dinner last night!

I am a big believer in your body knows what it needs so if my body wanted to sleep for nearly 12 hours, then my body needed it.  I’m enjoying these little luxuries now before I have other people I need to care for and can’t do things like that anymore!  That is if my plan to be a millionaire and have nannies, chefs, and maids doesn’t pan out.

So is it just me or is this week going by unbearably slow?  I CAN NOT believe it is only Thursday.  It’s definitely because I was feeling like I wanted to take a day off this week and then realized I have off Monday so there was no point in wasting a day this week.

I thought I was going to go this whole week wearing dresses since I look like I’m 6 months pregnant but we were supposed to have a visitor from NY in the office today and I thought I would spruce up the duds a bit more than a dress.  But then he didn’t come.  We were all here before 9 (very rare: there are only ever the same 2 people here before 9 and then I get here at 9 and everyone else rolls in around 9:30-10:30) and dressed in our finest and he doesn’t come.  Wompwomp.  So he really ruined my week of dresses and now I don’t like him.

I hope you all enjoyed this very random and very self-centered post 😀  Maybe Whitney can add that to her 5 Things Frowned Upon in Real Life That Are Acceptable in Blogging post.

2 responses to “Random and All About Me

  1. I also am having a hair crisis this week! I’m hoping to do something drastic with it soon. http://contentemeant.blogspot.com/2013/05/new-hair-adventure.html

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