Monday Monday

My Monday did not start off right. First, when I woke up I swear I was glued to the bed. I COULD NOT get out. Finally I peeled myself off and I didn’t do my JM challenge this morning 😦 When I went to get dressed I was just not happy with anything I had available to me in my 30×30 challenge. I finally settled on a simple black dress and white cardi and was happy with it because it is super comfortable. I finally go downstairs to make my morning shake and get ready to leave and the stupid shake exploded in the blender and got all over the white cabinets, counter, and wall. F***! I quickly cleaned it all up, asked my Dad if I had shake on me (he said no), and headed out the door. I stopped at Trader Joe’s like I do every Monday for the office and gathered the things I needed. When I was there I realized I forgot my lunch I was so excited for (I prepped veggie quesadillas for the week last night). Seriously? When I get back in my car and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I see that I do in fact have shake on my face. Thanks, Dad. Finally I get to work and realize I left the Cara Box to send today on my bed. Come on, seriously Monday?

Oh, and there is no 30×30 week 3 post this morning like there is supposed to be because I didn’t get around to taking pictures this week even though I set the camera up ready to go. Every time I went outside with it to take photos, the remote wouldn’t work. But it did work inside… idk. I don’t have enough time in the morning to figure it out. So that’s why there is a weird post this morning. I wanted a place holder 🙂

It’s a good thing I’m wearing this large comfy dress because my stomach is gigantic after my Chipotle lunch I was forced to buy since I forgot my lunch.

In other news, this weekend I got one hell of a workout climbing up and down multiple flights of stairs moving the cousin out of her Temple apartment. Me bum is feeling it!

At least I have a date with the friend to look forward to tonight 🙂







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4 responses to “Monday Monday

  1. ah, come ON Monday! sorry it wasn’t the best 😦

  2. Mondays stink!! sorry it was a bad monday, hopefully the rest of the week goes by better 🙂

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