30×30 Week 2

Well the second week of 30×30 has come and gone and it wasn’t too bad.  I definitely gave myself a ton of options by not including shoes and accessories in the 30.  I didn’t really struggle this week for outfits, but I did find myself wanting to wear non-30 pieces.  The only way I did struggle was the normal way: I didn’t want to wake up and wasn’t inspired to get dressed even though I had outfits planned.  A few of the days I didn’t wear a planned outfit because either the weather wasn’t what I expected or I just felt so blah I didn’t want to put anything on and that’s just not acceptable.

Just like I said in my edited Week 1 reveal, these pictures were all taken on the same day so my hair is exactly the same.  I’m trying to get better at taking the pictures in the morning so that you can have a real time picture.  As always though, follow me on Instagram and you’ll see the dailies.

Welp, here goes nothing!

day 7_8(see the remote?)

Day 7 and 8 were not my best days.  I like day 7 because it isn’t something I would normally go for.  Please excuse the baggy pants; these were taken after having worn the pants and before washing them.  Ewwwww.  Anyway, I didn’t plan the tank top to match the pants when I picked out my 30 pieces but it does and that was a fun surprise.  I think I’d like this outfit better if I had better shoes on.  I love these shoes but it was too much brown and earth tones for me.  Day 8 was just so comfy.  Like wearing pj’s.  You all know I love my fancy pj’s.  The problem though is that it just looks sloppy.  This sweater either needs to be with something tight, high heels, or a dress for a layering look.  Paired with these black pants I just felt too blah.  I think I might try layering a color under the sweater.  I tried to punch up the look with some fun chartreuse printed flats from Old Navy many moons ago.  (seriously, they are probably at least 5+ years old).

day9_10Day 9 and 10.  Day 9 is a go to outfit for me.  I wear it a lot on dates lol.  I just think the top is flattering without trying too hard.  I never paired it with this pink necklace before but I was feeling the punch of pink so I went for it.  Day 10 is my blah day.  It was Friday, I woke up crazy late, and I did not feel like wearing the dress I planned.  So I grabbed the grey T I had planned for the weekend, threw on some blue flats and called it a day.  I just was not happy all day at work.  After two weeks of trying, I was disappointed in myself for giving in to such an easy outfit.

days11_12Day 11 and 12.  I feel so pretty here.  The day 11 outfit I planned to wear to watch my Mom’s salsa performance ummmm but I didn’t.  Lol.  And then I forgot I didn’t when I was taking these photos.  But I’m still going to post it because I love this dress.  And then there’s day 12.  You might recognize this number from the first week.  When I was taking photos, this was the last thing I had on and I decided I liked it and wanted to try dressing it down for Mother’s Day so I added a brown belt and my gold loafers and was so happy with it.  I went to the mall, the grocery store, and cooked a gourmet meal in this outfit.  I felt very 1950’s housewife.  Especially because I had an apron on while cooking.  No one took a picture: family fail.  I was glad I dressed up to run errands.  I felt so put together and fun.  The only downside?  It was soooo windy and I had a few Marilyn Monroe moments.  But I had my bloomers on (I HATE the feeling of my leg skin touching my leg skin so I always wear shorts under my dresses) so no one saw anything but a really flattering look.

My favorite BY FAR is day 12.  I’m so happy I tried dressing down this dress because I LOVE the dress and was so afraid I wouldn’t wear it a lot.

Which one is your favorite?  Any other suggestions to dress down my favorite dress?

This week I want to try layering more with my dresses to create a new look.  Any suggestions?  This is something I really struggle with!

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies in the challenge!  They are all so fun and sweet and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know them.

P.S. Please ignore the really sexy bruises.  I bruise so easily and I have no idea how I get them half the time.

P.P.S. I really need to start going outside for the photos because the color is off in some areas.  My hair is NOT that dark.  It’s kind of a medium brown/red color right now.


26 responses to “30×30 Week 2

  1. Love the teal flats. I’m a major fan of adding a pop of color. Also love the day 11 dress that you didn’t really wear. So cute!

  2. Really lovely! My favorite is the long dress; it looks fab on you! I wish I had the dedication to get my act together with my daily outfits. I have no time to shop and my wardrobe definitely needs an update!!

  3. love your casual remix on day 12!

  4. Love that teal dress, so cute on you!

  5. I love dresses on you, day 11 and 12 are my absolute faves!

  6. You look so adorbs!!!
    I love your go-to date outfit, so something I would wear too. And the dresses are my faves too. I love love wearing dresses but don’t usually wear then to work because I have to bend over sometimes :/ lol.
    You look so pretty!!

    • Thanks!! Maybe try wearing some shorts underneath like the 1980s lol. Ones with lace on the bottom and they should probably be in a fun neon color.

  7. yes both day 11 and 12 are fabulous!! I also liked day 7…the dark turqouise is such a great color. I love your date night outfit…the color is really pretty on you. I think as far as layering…try 2 different prints in the same colors. May take your day 7 shirt and wear it over your maxi dress or even your day 12 dress. The teal flats were a perfect addition to your “blah” day becasue of the pop of color…maybe add a necklace or do your hair differently on those blah days…the outfit might be “plain” but little things like the shoes and jewelry can add a little something-something 🙂

  8. I love your top on day 8, and your gray T in day 10 looks so comfy, but not like you’re being lazy. 🙂

  9. Loving your dresses! I always do that – plan a great outfit and then changing my mind, or never feeling like wearing it. 🙂
    Ps following you back on bloglovin!!!

  10. Love that green dress and those bright flats too!

  11. I love that long dress. It’s beautiful and your smile is stunning. 🙂

  12. I love your white sweater outfit! And I have that grey teeshirt too (old navy?) I think I’ve worn it 3 times already in this challenge, so I’m going to have to fake some of my pictures next week! ha!

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