Finish the Sentence LU

Hey, kids.  Two posts in one day!  Don’t you love when I do that?  It probably makes your day.  Heck, your week!  Skidooooosh!!

I always read the posts that take part in this fabulous Linkup but have never posted one myself.  Today I decided would be my first day.  Poppin that cherry.


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)….I have never lived in another country. The bro has lived in Korea, Turkey, GB (I think), I really can’t keep track anymore. Homeboy is a nomad.mesean003

My best friend says…I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to her 😉

People call me…never.  No  one ever calls me.  Except for the student loan people.  Your money is on its way!

I most often dream…of marrying Justin Timberlake.  We’ve discussed it.  He’s dumping that other girl.

The best part of my day…is taking my bra off.

I really don’t understand…quantum physics.  And mean people.

I get really annoyed…when people don’t think. Just stop and think for a moment and I promise you’ll figure it out.

There’s nothing like a…freshly made bed. Mmmmm.

Lately, I can’t get enough…food. I’m always hungry. nomnomnom

One thing I am NOT is…a boy. Pretty sure about that one.

I spent too much money on…eating out. Woof.

I want to learn….how to be even more awesome than I already am. Nah, for reals, I want to learn how to keep my mouth shut.

If I ever met _________, I would… Betty White, I would hug her. She is so huggable.

I can’t stop… telling people every stupid thing I see them doing. Peeps don’t like it.

Never have I ever…participated in this linkup. Boom!

Reese Witherspoon…wants to be my best friend. Call me!


One response to “Finish the Sentence LU

  1. ABSOLUTELY agree with the bra thing! So uncomfortable!

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