30×30 Week 1

As you all know, or should know (ummm helloooo), I am participating in a 30×30 challenge led by Kelly.  Today is supposed to be the reveal day for our first week of the challenge.

You all know I don’t like to be late.  Like for reals hate being late.  But I am.  Wooooops.

It’s not COMPLETELY my fault.  K maybs I little.  I’m new to this whole fancy camera tripod photo game and so I didn’t realize the tripod I found in my parents attic is missing the little plate that keeps the camera on the tripod.  Kind of an important piece.  I was on top of my game by purchasing a remote for the camera but not the tripod.  Then I realized yesterday that the cousin’s Dad (hey Uncle Bill!) probably has a tripod that he’d probably let me borrow so I hit him up and sure enough, the man came through.

I had really lofty goals for myself this morning.  I got the tripod, remote, and camera ready last night.  I gathered all of the outfits I wore the past week along with the accessories and shoes and put them all in a basket for easy carrying.  And I told myself I’d wake up early this morning and take just a few photos of each outfits and then write the post at work.  Yeeeaaahhhh right.  I can barely wake up in time for work!  So you don’t have fancy tripod photos for this week’s reveal but I will be taking them this weekend and I will update this post with better photos.  For now, you get iphone pics that I posted to instagram.  And guess what?  I don’t even have everyday!!  Bahahaha.  Sorry, my friends, lame train here.







As promised, here is an updated version of the outfits!  These were all taken in one day so you’ll notice my hair is exactly the same in all of them haha!  Lazy blogger moment.  You might also notice a repeat 😉 I really liked the outfit and I needed another casual outfit.day1_2 day3_4 day 5_6

Day 1 and 6 are my favorite. What are yours?

11 responses to “30×30 Week 1

  1. Oh, wow! I just love your first outfit, the scarf is beautiful and goes with the dress really well! I also love the black and white striped shirt with the black skirt, very flattering!

    • thank you! my friend gave it to me for my birthday with a shirt that matches but I knew I wanted to wear it with this dress first. the shirt is on my 30 so you’ll see it soon

  2. Taking pictures has been the hardest part for me so far. Mostly because someone (my kids) keeps getting me dirty, messy or dishevelled before I get a chance to snap a pic. Great job though!

  3. The best laid plans…right?! Your outfits look great. Love the stripes!

  4. still love the last striped shirt. the whole picture thing is my problem too. it has worked out ok so far so hopefully that will continue. i hate taking the pictures.

    • I love taking pictures but it is just so hard to remember/find the time. I do not have time in the morning to snap away. Plus I’d prefer to take them outside and everyone thinks I’m crazy when I do!

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