Cara Box

Last week everyone who participated in the Cara Box Exchange from Wifessionals linked up a reveal post of the box they received.  Everyone but me.  Wompwomp.  It’s not that I’m the slacker.  Oh no.  I was really excited for this and so excited to write my post.  I even put it on my calendar.  But I didn’t get a box.  How rude, right?  Just what I thought.

The way this exchange worked is Kaitlyn paired you up with two people– one person who is sending you a box and one person who you are sending a box to.  That way you get to know two people, as the whole idea of this is to get to know them, write a letter of encouragement, and a personalized box that goes along with that month’s theme.  So I got to know Brittany from Inspired Panda and sent her a lovely box full of homemade and purchased items (head on over to her blog to see the reveal post).

I also got to know Kelli (I debated about whether or not to include her blog link here but decided against it… I don’t need to start a witch-hunt) who was to send me a box. But she didn’t.  Which I found really weird because she reached out to me first and we emailed back and forth a few times and had a lot of great conversations.  One thing we bonded over was always wanting to have a journal with our friends that got passed around and everyone wrote in.  So I found it especially weird that she would fail to send a box.  I emailed her over the weekend when the deadline for boxes passed and asked if she had tracking info (my polite way of saying “hey, bitch, my damn box never arrived!) and I never heard back from her.  I was pretty sad but I reminded myself that that’s the risk you assume when entering these kind of things.  I emailed Kaitlyn and Kelli is now blacklisted (haha so official) from entering the exchange again.  The good (and sad) thing about this exchange is that Kaitlyn puts all veterans in the same group so that hopefully you won’t get matched with a nonsender again.  It’s sad that she had to do this because this nonsender thing has been an issue before.  The most loveliest thing about this exchange is the excited email I received from Brittany about the box and when I told her I never received one, she sent me something special.

I’m going to be signing up again because the point of this exchange isn’t to receive, but to give and to meet new friends.  Although I would have loved to participate in both ends of the exchange, I am so grateful to have met Brittany, be shown her kindness, and have her excited about what I sent her.

003 007 031 016

When I opened the package and read her note, my first thought was “what’s a yoga elephant?” Then I saw the yoga elephant. And I made a very audible, excited “awww” sound. I absolutely LOVE my yoga elephant, sand dollar, little notebook and not from Brittany.  I immediately texted the friend and the cousin a picture and called them to tell the story.  Now I have to decide… does the yoga elephant go to work with me or stay home? Hmmm…

Thank you so much, Brittany!!


5 responses to “Cara Box

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun (especially if you receive a package! LOL!)… I would love to try this sometime. That notebook is so cute!

  2. You’re welcome! Glad I was able to send you something so you could enjoy getting a package 🙂

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  4. That happened to me recently too. Disappointing for sure.

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