10 on Tuesday

1. I like to do fashion posts on Monday, but instead I featured photos from by birthday fire night and I’m too lazy today to write a fashion post today so instead you get 10 on Tuesday.

2. I need new desk photos so my friends and family better get ready for my to insist on photos this weekend when we go out to dinner. Wear your best duds!

3. I don’t have a hairdresser since I moved back home and I’m trying to grow my hair out (again). I always try to grow my hair then get sick of it and cut it all off. Anyhoo, a few months ago I bought an Amazon local deal for a cut and full highlights and I just saw another one for a cut and mani… maybe I can survive on Amazon local deals for haircuts for a while? Good or bad idea?

4. My cousin’s dog Max has been dying to write a post here.20130430-115101.jpg

5. I made fruit kabobs for the party this weekend but Kim’s son Noah called them berry sticks and I like that name better so they’re berry sticks now. 071

Kim and Noah with Kyle holding a berry stick in the background.

6. I might have bought a pretty new dress for my birthday dinner night out on Saturday from Old Navy during their stuff and save event. I don’t have an Old Navy or Gap credit so Becky was kind enough to put them on her card and I gave her the cash. Winwin, eh? What do you think of the dress20130430-115113.jpg

trying it on with nude heels in my room.  i feel very holly golightly.

8. LOL.

20130430-115129.jpg9. I really want to join in on Kelly’s 30×30 challenge, but I am so nervous!  idk why.  I kind of did my own 30×30 challenge when I first moved home and didn’t have all of my clothes here.  I only had a few pieces to choose from and it definitely made getting dressed easier.  I think I’m most nervous because of the darn weather this year!  It is soooo unpredictable.  Plus I’m just getting into this fashion outfit photo thing and this is going to force me to be diligent about it and remember to take photos.  Guess that’s a reason to do it, eh?

10. This morning a crazy lady did a crazy move while driving and cut me off.  For some reason it made me so jumpy and nervous the rest of my drive.  I’m no longer jumpy and nervous since I’m sitting at my desk and not my car, but still.  She set my day off wrong.




8 responses to “10 on Tuesday

  1. Cute dress! And I love that giraffe picture.

  2. I told myself I was going to survive on Groupon haircuts for a while. Then I made my appointment and discovered the most amazing hair stylist! Now I’m paying premium prices to have her cut my hair every few months because I don’t think anyone else will be as good! Haha, so just don’t get suckered in and fall in love like I did 😉

  3. The dog is so cute!!
    I always try to grow my hair out, then get sick of it and cut if off. 🙂

  4. 1. I’m sure it wouldve been a fabulous fashion post but Im glad you did this instead 😉
    3. Seems like a good plan to me. Can’t beat a good deal.
    6. That’s a really cute dress. Loving the color.
    8. So funny!
    9. You should definitely do this.
    10. I hate crazy drivers like that. Totally throws me off my game & makes me very weary of all drivers after that.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!

    • 1. Lol, me too
      3. I’m still thinking about it…
      6. Thanks!
      9. I am, I decided. Peer pressure from other participants.
      10. I know, I’m a little scared to drive home!

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