Dancing, Popeye, and my Black Blazer

Nothing feels quite so good as when you find an article of clothing that you have been searching for forever and it is perfect.  Just absolutely perfect.  (all my fellow English loves, please ignore that run on sentence!)

I had been dying for a simple black blazer for so long.  Nothing too fancy.  Nothing too casual.  Just right.  466

Well, I found the holy grail of black blazers.  512

It’s the perfect combination of structure and casual.500

Soft and hard.521

Fun and professional.470

I can wear it to pontificate.475

To work.490

To dance.486

And to impersonate Popeye.489

Blazer: TJMaxx, Black
Top: Loft, black and white triangles
Jeans: Loft
Jewelry: necklace and bracelet borrowed, earrings Stella & Dot

What have you been searching for?

(crazy face and poses courtesy of a friend who doesn’t stop snapping pictures… even when you’re doing crazy moves)



6 responses to “Dancing, Popeye, and my Black Blazer

  1. This is great!!!

  2. Love this outfit, you can never go wrong with jeans, a blazer and polka dots! Please check out my blog and enter my Friday Link Up! 🙂


  3. Haha, love the crazy faces. Looks like you had a fun time posing. Also, I want a blazer like that!

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