Am I The Only One: Take Two

I had a lot of fun with this theme last week so I thought I’d continue it.  Last week’s post didn’t start off with this theme… I sat down to write and couldn’t think of what I wanted to say so I just started free writing (one of my favorite things to do) and realized my writing had a theme of “does this happen to anyone else?”  And thus the post was born and now a second post.  Maybs a weekly thing?  Maybs not.  I don’t like to be tied down to post schedules.  If you’d like to join in, please do!  Without further ado…

1. Does anyone else hear a drumroll when they say without further ado?

2. I’m an extremely observant person, which can be really tiring but that’s writing for another day.  What this turns into, though, is also being pretty conscientious and hyper aware of my surroundings.  Thus, I get annoyed really easily.  One of the biggest areas I get annoyed is in crowds, particularly in stores, even more particularly in the grocery store.  What is with people when they get behind a cart?  I believe that you should follow the same rules of driving when pushing a cart: go slowly around corners, don’t push right into another aisle, look both ways, stay to one side, look behind you before pulling out.  Apparently I’m the only one?

3. (this one is personal so if you don’t like that kind of thing, move on).  I get insomnia and extremely lethargic the week before Aunt Flo comes.  I always forget about those symptoms though, and so without fail every month I am confused as to why I can’t sleep, why I’m so hot, and why I’m so tired.  Last night I could not sleep which could be a combination of said symptoms and my restless legs I get after a hard run.  And this morning I woke up super late and just did not want to get up.  But I did.  Anyone I’ve shared these symptoms with has no similar woes.  Blog world, please tell me I’m not alone.

4. I often forget which device opens which portal and I’m confused for at least 10 seconds when the portal I’m trying to enter won’t open.  Example: a few minutes ago I tried opening my office door with the unlock button on my key fob and, get this, it didn’t work.  Anyone else share this brain fart?

5. I crave a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and hash browns almost every morning.  I wake up starving every morning so I blame it on that.  If I didn’t make my breakfasts the night before, I’d for sure stop and get some greasy grub.  No one else around me ever seems to want this.

Anyone else?  What do you feel alone in feeling?  (that sounded so sad!)


2 responses to “Am I The Only One: Take Two

  1. I definitely get super annoyed in crowds too! And an egg mcmuffin & has browns sounds awesome 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

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