Blogspiration: Thrift & Shout

My favorite place to find outfit ideas are bloggers because they are real people with real jobs living in a real world.  Magazines and clothing ads are nice, but often aren’t so easy to recreate.  But a blogger?  I can recreate that.  And many bloggers include links where you can either get the item or one similar to it.  Perfect.

So I decided to create a board on Pinterest called Blogspiration.  In an effort to get more creative with my outfits I’m challenging myself to recreate and post Blogspiration outfits.  I thought it only made sense to make the very first Blogspiration post the very first outfit that inspired the whole idea.  Meet Lindsey from Thrift & Shout.









Pants: Loft, cobalt.
Cardigan: Loft, striped.
Top: Unknown, white sheer.
Shoes: Steve Madden, yellow.
Jewels: Necklace, borrowed.  Bracelet, Stella & Dot.  Bracelet, borrowed.

When I saw Lindsey’s outfit I was shocked.  I pretty much have all those pieces!  And I had just been thinking of how I could wear this cardigan.  I’d only been wearing it with basic black or jeans so when I saw Lindsey pair her incredibly similar sweater with cobalt, I knew I had to do the same.

Huge thanks to my awesome photographer and bestie, Becky, aka “the friend.”  I enlisted her help to take a ton of pictures one weekend so you’ll be seeing more of her work.  She also was kind enough to bring over tons of accessories so we’d have lots of options.  I wish we had thought to take a photograph of our little setup.  We felt very Rachel Zoe and kept yelling at each other like they do on the show.  So sad we don’t have a photo but we do have this random shot.


We definitely had a lot of fun with our photoshoot and we plan on doing it again… well at least I do.  Hopefully she does too.  One last photo for you all because if there is an unattended motorcycle you have to pose with it.  (expect to see this motorcycle in a few more posts!  I was obsessed with it)


What has inspired you lately?  

Thank you to the gorgeous Lindsey for her permission to use her photo!


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6 responses to “Blogspiration: Thrift & Shout

  1. Super cute!

  2. love your recreation of this look!

    C’s Evolution of Style

  3. I love getting inspiration from other bloggers! You look great!
    Jeans and a Teacup

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