Living on a Budget: Thrifting

Budget living is darn hard. Trust me, I know. I live it every single day. Some days are harder than others and some days I don’t even notice it. As the days, weeks, and months go by it becomes more and more of a habit and less like a conscious decision. So if you’re starting a strict budget– keep at it! It will get easier, I promise.

With that, there is one simple and easy way to live on a budget and still have all you need. Obviously we all pretty much already have what we need. If you’re on a computer reading this, I’m assuming you do. But we still want things. We’re only human, right? That’s where the thrift stores come in.

I know for some people the idea of wearing clothes bought at a thrift store is so disgusting you don’t even want to continue reading. That’s okay. You can stop. But to those of you who are only slightly skeeved or not the least bit skeeved to you I say head to the thrift store!

I’m new to thrifting and to successfully thrift, which I don’t think I’ve fully done yet, you have to be willing to dig. And dig. And dig. And when you think you’re done, you’re not. Keep digging. Dig like you’ve never dug before. And you should probably bring a friend along to dig with you. Or a willing participant if you don’t have any friends.

Now that you know you need to dig you might be wondering, what else should I know?

Know that not all thrift stores are alike so don’t knock them all based on one.
Know that thrift store trips have their good and bad days so don’t knock one store on the basis of one trip.
Know that some thrift stores really are nasty so go ahead and feel free to cross that one off your list.
Know that you can’t get exactly what you want, but you can get what you’re willing to get. What does that mean? That means when you go there searching for the perfect black work pants you might not find them, but with a little alteration they might be perfect. It also means that although you went there for black pants you just might leave with some awesome green ones instead.
Know that some stores do smell.
Know that with a little soap and elbow grease you can make it almost shiny and slightly new.
Know that some clothes are unworn!

Case in point:

I went to the new Goodwill in Langhorne, PA last night hoping to find some black work pants. Instead, I left with two pairs of pants with original tags: one a emerald/jade green and one grey. Ummm score! I had just been telling the friend how colored pants are a skinny goal because I didn’t want to spend full money on them right now and I found a pair new with tags for $7! So for $14 I got two new pairs of pants I didn’t intend to get. Btdubs– if you live in the area, that Goodwill is the shiznet. It’s clean, doesn’t smell, is organized pretty well, and has lots of dressing rooms.


Here is a blog who thrifts and does it successfully!

Thrift & Shout

P.S. Stay tuned on Monday for my Blogspiration post featuring Thrift & Shout!

How do you thrift? Any tips for us new thrifters?


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6 responses to “Living on a Budget: Thrifting

  1. Wow! Sounds like you had some awesome finds. I lack the patience to shop in a regular store, let alone a thrift store! I can see, though, that it’s definitely worth it. Maybe I’ll give it another try!

    • I usually lack the patience for thrift shopping too. I find I have more patience when I can go during a non-busy time. Otherwise you’re there with some very interesting characters.

  2. thrifting is the best…the only way I really get clothes anymore are through thrifting and swapping. Found a dior jacket and aligner boots for a total of $3.50 cents today 🙂 it’s like a treasure hunt!

    -Emma from

  3. a thrift store in langhorne?! i’m all over that!

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