Weekly Moments

1. Coworker told me he liked my “wild hair.”  How do you respond to that? (photo taken after work so I’m looking a little rough… but is my hair wild?) 20130419-101747.jpg


2. Our precious nachos had to be sent back 2 times because someone (*cough* emily *cough*) doesn’t like beans and the cook apparently couldn’t understand that.  First time it had refried beans, second time it had black beans, third time no beans but they were overly burnt.  Wompwomp.20130419-101758.jpg

3. Every time I see the skyline I get so excited.  Loooooser.20130419-101837.jpg

4. Left some love this week.20130419-101919.jpg 20130419-101908.jpg 20130419-101859.jpg

(someone later wrote on this last note in pencil “empty gesture” with arrows pointing at the word some and one of the hearts… sourpuss)

5. Did a lot of walking at work.  Sneakers and work pants… hawt.20130419-101952.jpg
6. Stupidly excited about this cardigan found in the clearance section from Target.20130419-101928.jpg

(oh man I didn’t realize you could see my face in that one… I’ll smile next time)

How was your week?


One response to “Weekly Moments

  1. cute sweater!

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