I love the Dove commercials and their campaign for the beauty within, but none of the commercials ever really touched me.

Then I saw this video.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now.

This one touched me.

I had just finished writing a post where I talk about my white legs and needing to workout more.  Trust me, both are true and neither is said with negativity.  But I realized that even though I know neither is said with negativity, you don’t know that.

Needing to workout is more than weight loss for me.  It’s getting healthier and being strong for the things to come in life.  It’s feeling good because I know I’m doing good.  It’s feeling more comfortable in my own skin and being able to do whatever I want with nothing stopping me.

But I didn’t say any of that.  I watched the artist’s short video and that’s when the entire message hit me.  When he said he has a daughter.

I realized that what I’m writing here is on the internet and there is no taking it back and no guarantee who is seeing it.  That means anyone can read this and take my words how they see fit.

So I thought it appropriate to write 10 positive things about myself and I challenge you to do the same.10positive

1. I love my boobs.  Funny thing to start this with, but I do.

2. I love my blue eyes.  I hope I have kids one day with my blue eyes.  But I love all color eyes.  Especially my Mom’s.  Her’s are so dark brown they are almost black.

3. I love my freckles.

4. My hair is pretty awesome.

5. I am smart and kind.

6. I care about everyone.  Sometimes too much.

7. I take pleasure in making others happy.

8. I love to cook, bake, read, dance.  I love to laugh.

9. My legs are strong.

10. I’m flexible.  Both in body and mind.

What are your 10?  Leave them in the comments below, post them to facebook, twitter, instagram, or on your blog.  Link back to me so I can check them out.  This has to be a regular thing.  #10positive


2 responses to “#10positive

  1. This isn’t easy, but I love the idea of other people forcing themselves to think positively about their own looks, lifestyle and personality. It’s a really nice idea! However, I’m not posting this on FB! :o)

    1. I make awesome cupcakes. And other baked goods in general.
    2. I’m finally great at teaching writing after eight years of developing this skill, and I can see the results in my students.
    3. I’m extremely loyal to my family, friends and husband.
    4. I don’t put up with any disrespect from anyone. And I will NOT tolerate people disrespecting my friends, family or husband (see #3)!
    5. I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought regarding fitness and exercise through P90X.
    6. I have great legs. 🙂
    7. I’m an awesome wife.
    8. I feel true happiness when I cook for my friends and family and my home is filled with people I love.
    9. I’m a pretty cool aunt!
    10. I’ve been told that I’m very thoughtful.

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