10 on Tuesday

1. Pretty sure someone has been enjoying my salad dressing at work.  Good thing I like them and don’t really care.fridge note - i spit in your salad dressing

2. I’m in the process of working with a blog designer for this little space and I realized how hard it is to describe your blog and yourself.  I rambled on for a while.

3. When tragic things happen I want to check out of social media.  I don’t know if that makes me a bad person or not, but I don’t want to be reminded every single time I log on to something.  Plus, the constant “sending my prayers” posts annoy me.  I’m a bad person.

4. I need a haircut because my hair is getting a little bulbous but I don’t want the back to be any shorter than it is.  I’m in another hair growing kick.  They usually don’t last long around here.

5. The lock screen on my phone is a collage of pictures of me sweaty from working out, my current weight, and my first weight goal and the date I’d like to achieve that by.  Since I look at my phone too much throughout the day, I am constantly reminded of my goals.  It works.

6. I like having boobs but I hate how hard it is to find shirts where my boobs aren’t out.  Even in a v-neck, the boobs are there.

7. I have way too many adult conversations these days and I DO NOT LIKE IT.  Just talked about dentists with one of my coworkers.

8. Last night I couldn’t remember how old I will be turning on my birthday.  It scared me.  I promise it wasn’t on purpose.birthdayecard

9. We don’t say jam enough anymore.  As in “that was my jam.”

10. Speaking of jams, I have weird taste in music.  Very varied.  And I tend to like songs that objectify women.  Very anti-feminist of me.  applebottomecard

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9 responses to “10 on Tuesday

  1. That photo is hilarious! I’ve also considering putting a “laced” item in the fridge, but I’m not sure salad dressing would cut it. Maybe cookies with spit in them! I guess I’m a bad person at heart 😀

  2. 1. Haha, that’s nice of you. I left a water in my work fridge & when I went for it in the morning it was gone. Lets just say my coworkers didnt get as lucky as your did.
    2. Tell me about. It’s so difficult.
    3. Oh. My. Gawd. Yes. I feel the exact same way about it. It’s like, you’ve said you’re “sending love” once, there’s no need for you to say it 15 more times.
    5. Hm…interesting. I may have to try this.
    6. Lucky girl. My little chest & I have unfortunately never had this issue 😦
    7. Snore-fest.
    8. Haha, I’m constantly telling people I’m 26 even though I’m 30. It’s not on purpose either, it’s just my old lady brain.
    9. Looks like you’re bringing it back. Go you!
    10. Those are always the best songs. I dont blame you since I was just now singing “baby got back”.

    Thanks for linking up today! I really enjoyed your 10 🙂

  3. dude, i use “jam” all the time — what does that say about me?! lol.

  4. 8. I’ve done that too. It is a bit scary
    9. I feel like I use jam semi-regularly. I’ll kick it up

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