Friday Faves: Bloglovin’ Reads

I was never a big fan of Google reader so I’m not that sad that GFC is going away. I know a lot of bloggers had a bit of a panic moment when it was announced, but not me.  I was already on Bloglovin’ and love that reader so much.  You can easily categorize your blogs and like posts to read later.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite posts that I’ve read via Bloglovin’.

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This post from MarionBerryStyle is just so lovely.  Yes, it was a sponsored post (oh to dream of getting sponsor requests), but her wedding looks like so much fun, I love her dress, and love what she did in the end!  Plus, her blog is so funny and lighthearted.  I love her Friday posts!


I’m a new reader of Fannetastic Food and so glad I am.  She guest posted at the Fitnessista and I quickly added her to my bloglovin’.  She wrote about a dinner party she attended recently and it made me instantly jealous that I wasn’t there, don’t live in DC to have my own, and didn’t get to eat the food.  Since I can really only solve one of those, I plan on making the food this weekend!


Not Dressed As Lamb is full of fun, whimsical, adult appropriate outfits from the other side of the pond and Catherine is a hoot to boot.  But this post made me fall in love with her even more.  This one post led me to many more on her blog all about starting a blog and helpful hints.  I can’t tell you how grateful I was to come across this and have referenced it a lot.


Annie from The Other Side of Gray has the best outfits and I just want to dive into her closet and never come out!  I particularly love her Talk To My Outfit Tuesday posts.  They crack me up.  But this post is one of my favorites because I love her dare to be bold with jean on jean.  I still haven’t gotten there yet, but I’ll definitely be referencing this when I finally bite the bullet!


Tara from Mix & Match Fashion seriously has the most colorful wardrobe I’ve ever seen in my life and it’s a severe understatement to say I’m jealous.  I am so much more than jealous.  But better than having a colorful wardrobe is her amazing skills at putting unique combinations together.  I see floral and stripes paired together all the time, but this is the only one I’ve seen where I feel like I could recreate it.  And her skirt?  I’ve definitely been stalking it too!


What are your favorite posts?  Want your post to be considered?  Shoot me an email!

(all of these posts were chosen by me and I was not requested by the bloggers to feature their posts.  Permission to use their photos was asked and given 🙂 )

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5 responses to “Friday Faves: Bloglovin’ Reads

  1. Jacquelyn thank you so much for including a link to my blog makeover post! It’s always nice to hear someone is genuinely finding the tips useful. Plus I love these ladies, Marion and Annie have faaabulous style – great choices 🙂

    Have a great weekend hun,
    Catherine x

    (P.S. Just one little thing: my blog’s name is Not Dressed As Lamb – not “a lamb”! No sweat though!)

    • Haha, the English major in me wanted to include an article! Sorry about that, I’ll edit it now to fix it. I guess the English major in me didn’t proofread!

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