Keep It Coming, Spring!

Hi friends! Lovely weather we’re having, right? It is just absolutely GORGEOUS I can’t stand it.

Warm weather definitely brings out the healthy in a girl and inspires clean eats. Unlike winter where my hibernation happens and I feel like I need to eat hearty stews and desserts all day, Spring inspires fresh clean eats and smoothies. Smoothies galore.

I got back on the meal plan train and decided on smoothies for breakfast this week. No pics, sorry. I didn’t really prep any of the smoothies on Sunday, but I did prep 5 tiny containers of my dry ingredients: Sunwarrior Protein Powder, ground flax, and acai powder. The night before I prep the smoothies with my fruit and veggie combos and in the morning I throw the dry ingredients on top before Magic Bulleting those suckers. Right now my smoothies are consisting of

Veggie/Green: Spinach
Fruit: Strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry frozen mix
Fat: half an avocado or half a banana (frozen bananas– peel before freezing)
Liquid: water or almond milk
Extra: Kefir from Trader Joe’s.

Definitely a great way to kick start your morning and set yourself up for success.

I was also craving wraps this week with avocado, tomato, spinach or kale, and bacon. A little BLT+ wrap. But I didn’t feel like cooking bacon and I bought turkey lunchmeat from TJ’s so I rolled (haha, get it roll… wrap) with a turkey wrap.20130409-140356.jpg

Only problem? I tried these brown rice wraps to help reduce my gluten intake and I am not a fan. Wrap fail. They are too hard and crumbly and really don’t make a very good wrap. But the rest? Pretty bombtastic.


I like to mash my avocado to make it easier to eat on the wrap. Slices of avocado slip out too easily. Slippery suckers. I mash, then add a good amount of salt, then throw in chunks of tomato (also makes the tomato application and consumption easier). Kind of a quick guac.  I pack all the ingredients in tupperware like this and assemble at work.


Yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather, feeling springy, and the pretty flat circular nature of the gigantic area my work building is in so I packed my running gear, changed at work, and headed out for a run. So lovely. I haven’t run in a really long time and my legs were still ridiculously sore from moving saturday (DOMS for the fail) so I took it easy. Just did a slow 1.5 mile but it felt fantastic. I thought I’d be really sore today but I’m feeling pretty good so I think I’ll do a repeat. After the run I was staaaarving and it takes me about 30-60 minutes to get home so I did another TJ’s run and grabbed one banana, strawberries, and precut cantaloupe. I devoured that banana on the drive home and some of the loupe. It was my first time getting loupe from TJ’s and I’m not a fan… it had a poison taste to it. Anyone else experience that? I never really buy precut veggies and fruit but the loupe was singing to me.

I thought I’d be more sore today from DOMS and the run but I’m feeling pretty good so I think I might repeat yesterday’s run.  And hey, I’m already on my way to making April Amazing.  Goal 1, 2 and 8 all in this post!  Boom!

Have you entered the birthday giveaway?  How about another sneak peak?20130409-141701.jpg








How does the weather affect your eats and moves?


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