Weekend Recap

Good afternoon, friends.  How is everyone enjoying this weather?  PA is currently experiencing beautiful, 70’s, sunny weather and I can’t get enough of it.  Good thing I finally remembered to take an extra pair of sneakers to keep at work so I can stroll at lunch.  Definitely going to be doing that today.

I had a pretty jam packed weekend.  Friday I took a day off of work to attend my an extended family member’s funeral.  I haven’t seen some of those family members for a while so it was nice, but sad.  My extended family is weirdly close and so it’s always like losing a first cousin.  I had planned to use that day off to get ready for my big move on Saturday by cleaning my room and moving some furniture, but instead I spent the evening sick as a dog.  I think I had been fighting a bug off all week and finally on Saturday my body admitted defeat.  My stomach and I were not in agreement about that decision.  So instead of prepping, I was laying in bed all night.  Good thing– I finished Domestic Violets and started knitting again.  The knitting bug bit again and I went yesterday to get some yarn that was on sale at AC Moore.  I’ll post a picture of the colors because they are so fun.

Saturday my family graciously went to Bethlehem to move the rest of my things from my apartment there.  I was lucky enough to find a really awesome person to take over my lease and so goodbye Bethlehem and paying rent for a place I don’t live in.  I’ll miss a lot of the awesome things about Bethlehem, but there are quite a few things I definitely won’t miss.  Moving the rest of my things back to my parents reminded me that 1) I am in my mid-late-twenties and moving back in with the mom and the dad 2) I still have a lot of things even after getting rid of stuff 3) I’m a really bad packer.  I want to slowly get actual plastic bins for moving so that I can reuse them instead of using crappy boxes that really don’t hold a lot of stuff.  Plastic bins aren’t that hard to store for the next time you need them and it makes storing everything a lot easier and neater in the meantime.  I always roam towards the storage sections in stores and pick up the bins when they are on sale.  I am also going through my clothes AGAIN and deciding what I want to keep for when I lose weight and what I want to donate.  This is my third round of the keep-donate game in three months.  It definitely does help to turn your hangers the wrong way in your closet to see what you’re wearing and it also helps to have half your clothes in another town and to see if you actually missed them when you’re reunited.  I put aside another batch of clothes to donate and to store until weight loss occurs.  This also reminds me that I have too many clothes.

After moving my stuff on Saturday my Mom, Dad, and brother all crashed and took naps but since I’m not a napper I just laid on my bedroom floor and watched tv (my bed was covered in stuff that was moved).  I finally roused myself after an hour, put away some things and made my room livable, then showered, took my brother to the train station so he could go home to NYC, and went to Carlucci’s with the boy where we had the weirdest night ever.  I swear form the moment we walked in the door we were on a hidden camera.  The happenings of the night don’t translate well into writing so trust me when I say the whole dinner was strange.  But I did have a really yummy meal which I’m excited to eat for lunch today 🙂

And on Sunday Becky and I had an errand date.  She took forever getting ready because she wanted to look cute and I was super jealous because I had colored my hair Saturday night and so I didn’t want to wash it Sunday.  So while she looked fresh and springy, I looked stringy and okay.  Boo.  We hit up Red Robin so I could get my free birthday burger and then went over to the mall for foundation, return a bra to VS, and to look for specific socks Becky wanted.  Then we saw Francesca’s.  Omg.  So excited.  They had a Francesca’s in Bethlehem but I thought it was an independent boutique.  No idea it was a chain. Seriously, the best accessories, purses, cute clothing, and quirky gift items.  I got Emily an owl wine stopper for her birthday from there last year.  And I decided that Francesca’s is a major weight loss goal for me.  I want to be able to fit comfortable into their clothing because I love everything every single time I go in there.  Achieving that goal is going to feel great but my wallet is going to be reeeaaallly mad at me.  Then we decided to check out Payless for sandels for Becky and again saw some really cute stuff.  I never think to go in there, but you can find great shoes and their BOGO is always a great deal.  Then we headed to the craft store to get the yarn I mentioned above.  Finally, we went to her house to play dress up so she could show me her new clothes and do a mini fashion shoot of her outfit in her new shoes from Payless.  We decided to have a full-fledged photo shoot next weekend so if the weather cooperates, you’ll finally get some more outfit posts!

Hmm I never do this random rambling recaps of my days/weekends.  Feels nice to actually record it all if I ever need to remember what I did.

Did you see the first sneak peak into the Birthday Giveaway?

How was your weekend?  Did you enter the Birthday Giveaway???  Are you making April Amazing?


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