Amazing April

I’m not the best at keeping up with monthly themed posts like some other bloggers are, but I knew I had to do April.


It’s my birth month! 🙂

Which really just makes April amazing without a list.  But lists are fun.

(please note that this list might seem vain and all about me, and that’s because it is.  this is a list for me and I hope it encourages you to make your own personal list.  feel free to use this as inspiration or to just go right ahead and use my list!)


1. Get yo fitness back on, yo!
Blah, isn’t this on every month’s goal list?  Grr.  I’m really, really bad at this one but I want to feel good for my birthday so I have to get this going.  (btw, as I am writing this I am enjoying some penguin gummies from TJ’s so I’m obviously doing really good at this already).  I’ve discovered that I really like workout DVD’s.  It could have something to do with new personal gym (aka the parent’s furnished basement) and I recently ordered two Jillian Michael’s DVD’s from Amazon and I’m super excited to try them out.  I’m hoping these two new DVD’s will help me with this goal.  Any DVD recommendations?

2. Clean eats.
My Mom has been wanting to do an elimination diet to find what she’s sensitive too and I gave her my copy of Clean and told her I’d join her.  She’s a teacher so following a cleansing diet is difficult for her (she can’t exactly go to the restroom whenever she wants when she is in charge of a roomful of third graders) so we’re going to follow it loosely.  I’m hoping this will help with goal 1 too.  (gummie penguins def not on the clean diet).

3. Free dates.
I’ve already written enough on my budget woes (I have a budget post coming up soon too), but suffice it to say I’m doing well with it and actually enjoying the challenge.  I know it’s weird, and seems like I’m contradicting myself since I wrote about things I might have purchased from Loft recently, but it’s true.  The budget is going well and I want to continue it.  So, in light of that, I’m pushing for free dates.  It’s so easy to just meet up with a friend for dinner at a restaurant, but how about meeting up for a walk? or a self-mani/pedi night? or cooking dinner (not totally free but def cheaper)?  The list is endless.

4. More outfit posts.
I enjoy the outfit posts because they challenge me to be creative and help me to be satisfied with not spending a lot of money on clothes.  But they are hard to do so this goal has mini goals.  First, I need to find a tripod for my camera.  I am currently using one my parents had and I just rest the camera on top, but it could fall off at any second.  Second, I need to find a better place to take photos. Photos look best outside so I need  that more secure tripod.  Third, I need a remote for my camera.  It’s a pain to walk up and set it on timer every single time.  Once I get those three done hopefully I’ll be posting more outfit posts!  I have some fun ideas rolling around my head so I’m looking forward to this one.

5. Get readership up.
You can help me with this 🙂 Become a loyal reader and commenter!  I’d love you so much for it.  You can follow me at bloglovin, facebook, and twitter.  It’s fun, I promise.

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6. Sew a skirt.
Yup.  I know it’s a little out there, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.  I did one a while back and wasn’t too happy with it so I’d like to alter it and also make a new one.  I know I can do it so I just need to.

7. Participate in more bloggy things.
This is related to goal #5 but it’s also just because it is fun!  Link ups, giveaways, box swaps– all fun.

8. Get back on meal prep.
This is related to goal #1 and kind of 3.  Prepping your meals helps with healthy eats and saving money.  My biggest need is breakfast.  I don’t wake up with enough time to make breakfast and if I don’t have one prepped, I eat crap and spend my money to eat that crap.  Gotta get back on this.

9. Clean and organize my room.
I recently moved back in with my parents and all of my stuff from my apartment came with me.  I need to organize my room and make room for the rest of my furniture that is still in the apartment.  Currently my underwear is in my desk drawers 🙂

10. Write more.
I’ve gotten better at writing frequently and writing ahead of time for those days when I don’t want to look at technology, but I’m talking about personal writing here.  I write stories a lot and I want to get more serious about it.  Not to necessarily publish, but because I want to.

How are you going to  make April Amazing?


4 responses to “Amazing April

  1. Love your free date ideas…so cute! And I totally wish I could sew…good luck sewing your skirt 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

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