My Week with Max: Night 1

Good morning, friends!  I’m dragging a bit today.  My week with Max began last night and he is not always the most generous sleeping partner.


When we came upstairs he ran into every bedroom and jumped on the beds unsure of which room I’d be staying in.  I’m staying in the last bedroom at the end of the hall so there was a lot of bed jumping on his end.

He has to sleep right next to you with some part of his body touching you at all times.  But he sure is cute.



He stood like this on the bed for about 5 minutes still confused about what I was doing there.  I am dog sitting this sexy beastMaxSexyPose

(crazy eyes!) while my cousins are in Florida for their sister’s (and my other cousin) wedding in Key West.  So jealous.  It’s a small wedding with just their immediate family and it sounds like it is going to be so beautiful and relaxing.


So while they are soaking up the sun in Florida, my allergies are on overdrive from having to sleep with this boy.


Good thing he’s cute.




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