Lucky in Friends

I hope you all have best friends like I do.  One is my cousin, the other I celebrated our 15 year friendiversary with this Fall.  Yeah, we’re a little ridic.  We met in 6th grade.  She was new to the district/area and I was just new to the middle school.  We bonded over being taller than everyone else and perhaps developing a little more than everyone else.  And we’ve stayed close ever since.

We had always stayed in touch, getting together every few months or so, but now we’re scarily close.  We text nonstop and motivate each other like woah.  Anyone else have a friend like this?

(I’m in blue and I hope you like the last one ;-))

Beckytext3-22(1) Beckytext3-22(2) Beckytext3-22(3)

So of course I am being a good friend and forcing her to run a 5K with me this spring.

And this weekend I dragged her to a home trade show my Dad’s company is participating in and made her sit there with me on Friday so that my Dad could go home.


Anyone else lucky enough to have a friend like Becky?


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