Beauty Loves: E!

Continuing with my beauty loves…


Check out Coconut Oil here


Vitamin E’s magical scar powers is nothing new.  My cousin will be any product that has vitamin E in it because she is determined to get rid of some really nasty appendectomy scars she has (they are more like C-section scars!  poor girl).  While perusing Trader Joe’s the other day for work, I came across this tiny bottle of Vitamin E and decided to purchase it to help with my scars (see above) and thought I’d give her some too.  I don’t think I will now.

I am obsessed with rubbing Vitamin E on my cuticles all day long.  They have been really dry lately and doing that nasty peeling thing where you look like you stick your hand through a slicer.  I rubbed Vitamin E on my cuticles one day while rubbing it on a scar on my thumb and noticed how quickly one particular nasty slasher cut seemed to clear up.  Now I sit here all day at work and rub it on my hands.  Between that and the jar of coconut oil on my desk, I’m a slick pig at work!

Vitamin E helps protect the body from free radicals so when applied to the skin in oil form it helps with wrinkles, scars, brown spots, and cuticles.  I like to rub it into my cuticles and on my scars each time I wash my hands.  It not only helps the physical appearance, but taking a few moments multiple times a day to give yourself a quick little massage is incredibly soothing and a great stress relief.

Vitamin E and Coconut Oil are both great nighttime products, when the body is at rest and going through the most rejuvenation.  Vitamin E is a thick oil so apply sparingly.  I like to mix it with another moisturizer or with the coconut oil.

As always, check with a health professional before making any changes and always honor your bod

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