Beauty Loves: Coconut and E

I try to keep my beauty routine pretty simple, in both process and products.  I have sensitive, pale, combination skin and I have found that the less I use, the happier my skin is.

Back in the days of puberty, dermatologists tried every product on my face and only refrained from oral medication because I had stomach issues.  Who knows if my current philosophy would have worked then, but I think the only thing all of those products did was anger my skin more and make me breakout more.  You know that skin… when you look at it and the only way to describe it is angry.

So now I keep it simple.  A non-abrasive cleanse, moisturizer, and makeup is all I do.  I throw in a mask every now and then and I do have a strong pimple drying agent for those days when a particularly angry one crops up, but for the most part I still to those three things.  The cleanser, moisturizer, and makeup might change every now and then but they are the magical three categories for me.

And then the east coast Pennsylvania winter hits and you need to add maybe another moisturizer, switch up your cleanser, and do a mask more frequently.  But no matter what, I stick to simple ingredients simple products.

Recently I’ve discovered two other things to add to my list of safe products for my skin.  Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.  If you’re on Pinterest or don’t live under a rock, then you’ve probably noticed the explosion of Coconut Oil’s popularity.  If not, get out from under the rock.


So why do I love these two products?  They are organic, natural, only have one main ingredient and limited (if any) secondary ingredients, nonabrasive, and moisturizing.  Pretty much everything I look for in a product.

coconut oil

Coconut oil has to be one of the most versatile items out there.  Good for cooking, cleansing, oiling, detoxing, and moisturizing.  There really isn’t much it can’t do.

My Favorite Ways to Use Coconut Oil

1. As a cleanser/makeup remover.  Wash your face using coconut oil by wetting your face as normal, scoop some of the oil out, melt in your hands, and rub on your face and neck.  It will shimmy the makeup right off, including waterproof eyeliner and mascara!  Rinse lightly and pat dry.  You want the oil to remain on your face for extra moisturizing.  Unless your skin is extremely dry, you shouldn’t need a moisturizer after this.  I only cleanse with coconut oil at night.

2. As a moisturizer.  This bad boy will make you a slick little piggy, but it will also moisten you right up.  Every body takes to products differently and my body happens to soak this right up.  My cousin?  Not so much.  She says she is oily for a while after and doesn’t like it.  I only use it as a moisturizer at night.  After a shower, I gently pat my skin dry so it is still moist and rub the oil all over my bod.  I let it soak in and then put my pj’s on.  I also use it as a facial moisturizer at night and have found it has really helped my skin stay clear!

3. As a hair moisturizer.  Again, I only do this at night.  It is oil after all and so your hair will get oily.  Again, different hairs take to this differently.  My cousin and her roommate both complained that their hair felt heavy for a few days after even though they washed their hair.  Mine just feels silky smooth.  I rub the oil on the ends and try to stay clear of the roots and wash out the next day.

4. As a detoxer.  This one was crazy to me, but I tried it and it is so weird!  It is called pulling and you swish the oil around in your mouth for about 20 minutes on an empty stomach.  You don’t want to swallow it because it is supposed to be detoxing you and you’d technically be ingesting bad things you’re pulling out.  You can check this article out to learn a little more and for proof that I’m not making this up.  Word to the wise– oil rehardens so don’t spit it out in a drain.  Spit into a trashbag and throw it out.

5. As a cooking oil.  Funny enough, this is the one thing I haven’t done with coconut oil!  I hear it’s good.  And it’s vegan.

6. As a beauty tool.  Many pregnant ladies rub this stuff on their bellies like a magic potion.  Apparently it helps with stretch marks.  I’m not pregnant and never have been so I don’t know about this.  I can say that it has helped a few new scars I have.  Two from stitches and one from a big cut.  I also have found that the more coconut oil I use, the stronger my nails are!

Stay tuned for Vitamin E!

What are your favorite products?  How do you use Coconut Oil?

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