One of the things I love about exploring the blog world is finding inspiration from real ladies.  It’s one of the things I love the most about J’s Everyday Fashion— she shows how she recreates outfits using what she has in her closet from affordable stores.

And it’s one of the things I love about fashion challenges and I’d like to participate in more in public.  Previously I would “participate” without posting about it, but look out world!  I’m going to post them.

This month’s Trend of the Month from Marionberry Style is lace!  I wasn’t going to participate at first because I don’t have anything lace even though I love it.  I have had plenty of lacy tops in the past, but no more.  They either didn’t fit anymore, got dingy, or were ruined (Mom!).  I was ready to pass by this one, although regrettably, when I remembed that HEY! I need to challenge myself to participate in lace without having lace.  Say what?

So I stared in my closet for a while and came up with my version of a lacy outfit.


It might not exactly be a lace top, but it works, right? (I have no idea why my face is so red…)


It gives the feel of lace without actually being lace.  And in my opinion, it is close enough!

Cardigan: Target, teal, old.
Top: Loft, white and grey, bought on sale, old.
Skirt: Loft, black, old.
Jewelry: Necklace, Stella & Dot, Geneve Lace Pendant, $98.

And just like the last time I participated in an MB style challenge, I wanted to find accessories that would satisfy the trend.  Accessories are a cheaper way of being trendy!


Lace is definitely a trend in the jewelry world.
Necklace: (wearing in outfit) Stella & Dot, Geneve Lace Pendant, $98.
Earrings: Stella & Dot, Geneve Linear, $59.
Earrings: Gift, QVC, similar: Target, $7.99!!!

What are your favorite lace pieces?  How do you incorporate trends without spending a fortune?

For more lace jewelry from Stella & Dot visit here!

Also linking up with Glow Kourture!
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3 responses to “Lace

  1. That’s a great color combination! I like lace too, I have a lace top that I plan to wear when the weather gets warmer and I don’t care if it’s trendy. I feel good in it 🙂

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