Fancy PJ’s


Fancy PJ day is my favorite day of the week… sometimes it occurs more than one day a week.

Why are fancy pj’s so awesome?

–          They allow me to look put together but with the added benefit of being super comfortable.

–          They usually involves lots of layers providing extra coziness, camouflaging properties, and warmth.

–          They are super cute.

–          You usually get tons of compliments!

What are fancy pj’s?

–          Fancy pj’s main definition is cozy and comfy.

–          Consist of a dress or long tunic, tights, stockings, or leggings, sweater/cardigan/other top layering piece, boots or flats (heels aren’t comfy 😉 )

–          Are still business appropriate

How to build your own fancy pj outfit.

–          Start with your biggest piece—the dress or long tunic.  Note it’s length, chest covering properties, sleeved or not, and color/pattern.

–          Pick your bottom piece based on the dress.  If it’s long enough for work, you can get away with tights or stockings.  If it could be considered too short or is a tunic go with leggings.  Always make sure your tushie is covered.

–          Your top layering piece is based on the dress/tunic.  If the dress/tunic is sleeveless or a tank top, you want your cardigan to cover your arms.  If the dress/tunic doesn’t have enough chest coverage, you might want to go with a top layering piece that will fix that.  You can always button the top couple of buttons or layer a shirt under the dress (I still haven’t mastered that technique).

–          Shoes are up to you.  I tend to roll with boots or flats because that is the most comfortable for me.  Fancy pj’s usually involve boots for me but if that will lessen the sophistication to too low of a level, then I opt for the flats.  Heels would also look super cute with fancy pj’s and will make them even fancier.

How to pair colors/designs.

–          This is why you start with your biggest piece.  If your dress/tunic has a pattern on it than go with a solid top layering piece.  If your dress is plain, then get crazy with your cardigan.  If you’re daring and creative, throw these rules out the window and mix your patterns.

–          I usually keep the bottom piece plain.  I don’t have patterned or colored leggings so it’s always black, grey, or brown for me.  I do have a few pairs of patterned stockings but save these for my daring days.  My legs are my least favorite part of my body so I try not to call too much attention to them.  Sticking with basic, plain bottoms keeps fancy pj’s coordinated, simple (one of the fancy pj’s huge appeal), and appropriate.  Stick with basic here.

–          Shoes are, in my opinion, another area for opportunity to get crazy.  I get the most compliments on my colored and patterned shoes and they are by far my favorites.  I only have brown boots so that makes the boot choice easy.  And I never have a problem deciding on which flats to wear.  Easy and put together choices are black, tan, and brown.  You can never go wrong with these three.  You can also use your shoes as your only pop of color by keeping your dress and cardigan simple.

–          Finally, the jewels.  My favorite part.  This is another area where you can express yourself and still stay business appropriate.  You can keep all your other pieces simple and basic and go crazy with the jewels.  Or you can go crazy elsewhere and use the jewels to tie everything together.  Accessories are a great way to make a limited wardrobe and basics look fresh and unique.

And now for a few of my favorite Fancy PJ’s. (I’m still trying to find the best spot for photos so I apologize you can’t see my shoes!)

loftgreywhitestripcardiganwhitetshirtblackleggings loftgreywhitestripcardiganwhitetshirtblackleggingsside oldnavygreystripedress oldnavygreystripedress_side oldnavyorangestripedress oldnavyorangestripedressside



Outfit 1
Not something I would wear to work, but definitely something I’d wear to run errands, meet up with friends, or hang around the house.  Easy combo to remake with any t-shirt and cardigan.  I also prefer a longer shirt so both my back and front are covered, but any tshirt is good in a pick.
Cardigan: Loft (old)
tshirt: Old Navy
Leggings: Sam’s Club, black (that’s right!)
Shoes: Steve Madden black ballet flats
Jewelry: Necklace, Old Navy, blue.  Ring, gift.

Outfit 2
I’ve worn this to both work and date nights.  Sometimes I add a grey or tan cardigan if it’s a little chilly.  This dress is great because it’s perfect for all weather!
Dress: Old Navy
Leggings: Sam’s Club, black
Shoes: flat boots, brown, with fringe
Jewelry: Earrings, Stella & Dot, silver Odette Hoops

Outfit 3
One of my most comfortable and most worn fancy pj’s.  I wear this to work and anywhere else I feel like!
Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target, tan
Leggings: Express, raisin
Shoes: flat leather boots, brown
Jewelry: Necklace, Old Navy, navy.  Earrings, Lucky, gold.  Bracelet, Stella & Dot, gold Bardot Spiral Bangle

How do you wear fancy pj’s?  

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3 responses to “Fancy PJ’s

  1. I love knit and jersey pieces – of “loungewear” items from J.Crew or Anthro because they’re just dressed up sweats that I can totally wear out but that are oh so comfy!

    • Definitely! I used to have a maxi skirt of JCrew that I wore to death… I wore it out so bad I had to get rid of it. Seems like I should replace it soon…

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