Friday Faves

Hello lovelies.  I am feeling a little allergic today.  Blah.  Got my trusty box of tissues next to me at work and a cup of tea.

tea and tissues

A few Friday Faves to write about today.  (sorry for all the crappy iphone photos)

I left out the measurements for granulated sugar in my Chewy Cookie recipe.  Doh!  I’ll make the correction later when I can access the image.  So sorry!  Thank you to a reader to pointing it out to me.

Office Pitfalls
I am an assistant at a hedge fund and sit in the front so I can see the front door.  The men and lady are in a giant room behind me with tons of computer monitors (they each have at least 3 and some are turned vertical… pretty weird to see).  Back in their room is a long counter where we keep snacks to keep them going throughout the day: almonds, pistachios, trail mix, fruit, etc.  All healthy things (except for the yogurt covered pretzels they requested).  My job is to go to the grocery store every Monday to purchase the snacks and keep the area clean and stocked.  I walked back a little bit ago to see what they needed and discovered cupcakes from a local bakery.

office cupcakes

Ahhhh!  Fortunately they aren’t in front of me and so I’m not faced with them all day long.

Like I said, I work in finance, but as most of you know my background is in English.  Two English degrees and I work in finance.  So there are some obvious differences between me and the rest of them.  Notably today?  Bloomberg TV is on nonstop behind me and they have two TV’s in their room with two different financial channels running.  They are all glued to the JP Morgan trial and I have my music on low at my desk.

50 cent

Springing into Green
How is everyone doing with this?  I spent too much money on prepared salads from Trader Joe’s but now have a bunch of yummy ideas on what to recreate.  My favorite?

TJ Kale Bistro Salad

Oh my gosh yummy.  I have to find that lemon herb dressing.  There was so much edamame in there that the next day I had leftovers of just edamame and dressing and it was perfect.  Definitely going to be recreating this.

I did manage to make my own salad meal this week.  A little soup and salad lunch yesterday hit the spot.

soup and salad lunch

Romaine lettuce, chicken I cooked over the weekend, shredded baby carrots, and ceasar dressing.  I didn’t make the soup.  It’s Roasted Red Pepper from Wegman’s and so yummy.

This ends soon!  There are close to 200 entries so make sure you’re one of them!

spring into green

Max Lovins
I’ve talked about Max before, my cousin Emily’s lovable pit bull.  I got some Max Lovins this week and even made him my phone background.  I seriously crack up every time I look at my phone.

Max Lovins

Max background

Bahahahaha how can you not laugh?

Basement Workout

basement bust a move
Have you busted a move yet this week?  Quick and easy workout here.

Coaching Session
Don’t forget to sign up for my friend Joanna‘s FREE coaching session.  Details can be found here.

Friday Linkup
I’m linking up with Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins.  I love her blog!  Be sure to head over, check it out, and say hello!

What are your Friday Faves?signature  

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