On my mind and a quick workout

Sometimes my weeks fly by, sometimes they go so slow.  And it’s even stranger when the days are doing the opposite?  Know what I mean?  Like when your days drag by but you turn around and it’s already Thursday.  This week both my days and week have flown by so I’m pretty thankful.  Buuuutttttt that just means it is already Thursday and time to think about next week.  You’re thinking, already?  Yes, already.  I am always thinking ahead.  That might be good or bad but I am a planner and planners think ahead.

Tonight Emily and I are headed to happy hour at On the Border.  This is our favorite thing because we both order appetizers as are meal regularly and appetizers are half off during happy hour.  Score!  So are drinks, but I can do without those.  The only thing that isn’t half off?  The guacamole live so sometimes we splurge on that.  So pumped!

Knowing I was going to OTB tonight, I did a workout last night.  My eats have been horrible lately.  Too much eating out and not enough movement.  My back and hips were feeling really tight from my long commute and desk sitting so first I busted out some yoga then did some weights and others.  Oh and the workout?  Takes place in my parents’ basement.  Boom!  Check it out.

basement bust a move

Only took me about 30 minutes and I grooved to Christina Perri.  Lurve.

This weekend I’m heading up to Doodlehem for a quick getaway and more packing so I probably won’t have a chance to prep for next week again on Sunday.  I’m leaving Friday after work so anything I want to do needs to get done tonight after OTB or…?

Also on my mind is what to cook while in Doodlehem because my wallet or waist can not afford anymore meals out!

Lots to think about… lots to do!

How do you get everything done in the short weekend?

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