It’s Not Easy Being Green



(Kermit= awesome, am I right?) source

I know the whole green in March is overdone but I feel I have a right to do it for a few reasons

1. I’m Irish therefore allowed to exploit all things Irish related, including green.

2. I’ve never done it before.

3. I want to.

4. I need green!

So how am I making March green?  By incorporating green into every single one of my meals.  I’ve got to do it.  My body is dying for it.

I already started doing this with my lunch the past two weeks (meal prep here and here) and I pretty much always have green in my dinners.  But I desperately need to start my day with something green.  Smoothies it is!  Stay tuned for how I work green into my smoothies.  Looks like I’ll be doing a little Tuesday prepping tonight…

How are you keeping March green?  How do you incorporate more greens into your day?

For more ideas on how to rock March, check out The Fitnessista’s post 10 Things to Make Happen in March.


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