Random Fact Friday

  • I have 2 jobs.  My full-time job is an Assistant at a hedge fund.  I love it.  My second job is assisting my Dad with his business.  I love it.  I do work as needed but have made Saturday a regular work day for me.  The second job pays my rent for moving back in with them 🙂  
  • There are 6 stalls at work and I always use the same one.
  • I used to hate bananas.  Around Christmas I forced myself to learn to like them.  I can now say I eat bananas, but I still don’t really like them.
  • My favorite pen is Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball extra fine in blue.
  • When I am typing on my computer at my Dad’s store I always mistype and as abd.
  • My favorite colors are purple, green, and grey but I’m really a lover of all colors and I believe they all go together.
  • I make spreadsheets for almost everything.
  • I prefer convenience and efficiency to most anything else and will work hard to get them.
  • I like to color code.
  • Those last 3 facts revealed I’m a bit anal about some things.


What are some random facts about you?


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