Love Hate with TJ

Trader Joe’s is one of those places everyone has to visit.  Every time you go there is something new to discover, something new to taste, and something new to buy.

It’s kind of like a grocery store wonderland.  And everything is cheap and tasty.  What could be better?

Not much.

But I hate going to Trader Joe’s.

The one near me is full of rude, uppity people who don’t practice common sense or engage in public politeness.

They walk right in front of you.  Cross their cart over your walking path.  Walk down the middle of the aisle.  Stand in everyone’s way.  Take their time crossing the parking lot.  Ignore you when you say excuse me.  Don’t make eye contact.  Don’t excuse themselves or smile.

It’s horrible.

Of course not everyone there is that way.  After all, I’m there and I’m not that way. 😉

So why do I keep going?

It really is that good.

Have you experienced anything similar at Trader Joe’s?  Anything good enough that you’ll suffer for?


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