Fashion and a Thank You

I am so excited to see how well received my two recent fashion posts (here and here) were. I was lucky enough to have J from J’s Everyday Fashion tweet my most recent post. I contacted her to ask permission to use her photo and she not only gave me permission, she offered to tweet it! Thanks, J!


I was definitely nervous about including fashion posts onto the blog for a few reasons.
1. Who really cares what I wear?
2. I’m not always so fashionable… I only get dressed when I have something to do and then quickly return to yoga pants.
3. It opens me up to unkind comments.
4. I’m not too happy with my body right now and am working on fixing it. But the internet is unforgiving so these photos will never disappear.
5. I’m currently on an extremely strict budget with a ZERO clothing budget. All of the outfits I post will be using clothes I currently have in my closet. So there might not be much variety or clothes you can currently buy in the stores.

With that being said and considered, I ultimately decided the fashion posts will help me, and maybe you. To decide this I answered each of my concerns.
1. I do. And maybe you do too.
2. Well, not everyone is always fashionable. We all resort to comfy clothes from time to time and changing back into them is the best way to preserve your fancy clothes (anyone else spill something on themselves every time they eat?).
3. What doesn’t open you up to unkind comments? Bonus: it opens you up to even more kind and supportive comments!
4. It’s just motivation to work harder to get where I’d like to be. Ain’t no shame in that!
5. I’m not the only one who doesn’t have an unlimited, or even limited, budget. This is more motivation—it forces me to be creative about my outfits and hopefully inspire you to be as well.

I hope I can count on your support as I work to incorporate more fashion posts. I’m working on learning more about photography and need to find the perfect spot in my house to take the photos.

What do you do when you’re on a limited/zero clothing budget? Any specific kinds of outfits you’d like to see?


2 responses to “Fashion and a Thank You

  1. I think you ate doing a great job. Keep it up. I like seeing your combinations. I think everyone should invest in basics and you probably have th I your closet already : white button down shirt, black pants (not yoga), black pencil skirt, short sleeve shite t-shirt, dark wash jeans in straight , boot cut and trouser cut, red vest, red or blue blazer, tan skirt, tan pants (not yoga). Forcing myself to wear a jean or trouser everyday also helps me be accountable for my diet. My jeans don’t lie. If I still fit in them, then I’m good. I resort to yoga pants only when I get home to get comfy.

    These basics can be accessorized with jewelry, scarves, hats etc. Also you should have a long sleeve black shirt and one short sleeve. You can make many outfits from these basics and add color with your beautiful accessories.

    Keep up the good work.

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