Polka Dot Shirt

I have been searching for a chambray polka dot shirt forever.

I have a lot of problems with button down shirts.  They are usually too tight in the chest area and in my arms.

On a whim, while searching for an interview outfit, I decided to try a chambray polka dot shirt on at JC Penny.  Have you been there recently?  They have some really cute stuff now at reasonable prices.

So I went into the fitting room with a bunch of interview options and the shirt.  The only thing that fit?  The shirt.  Pretty much told me it was fate.  And?  It was $16.

Might not be the most fashionable of chambray polka dot shirts but it’s definitely doing it’s job.

Speaking of jobs… I start my new one tomorrow!  Eeeeeeeee!  So in honor of the shirt I found while looking for interview clothes, I decided to wear it on my first day.  Here are some of my options.  Which one is your favorite?

These looks were inspired by this picture from Stitchfix.  Not on Stitchfix?  Get on it with this exclusive invitation!

stitchfix inspiration pink sweater polka shirt






Shirt: JC Penny, $16
Sweater: Old, American Eagle
Pants: Old, Target
Necklace: My Stella & Dot, $89




Cardigan: Old, Old Navy



What type of clothing do you always have trouble with?  Which look is your favorite?


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