Lots of cooking

Continuing the delayed holiday theme…

This December I cooked a lot.  A. Lot.  My Mom’s birthday is December 30th but we celebrated it early because my parents orphaned my brother and I and went away for Christmas/ her birthday.  So for about 4 days straight I cooked pretty much nonstop.  I’m a little anal and I made schedules of everything that needed to get done.  I even went so far as to make my brother a schedule and to add times to my own schedule.  Here is a quick rundown of what I did.



My daily schedule and a quick list of things I asked my brother to do.





My time schedule for Christmas Eve.

For my Mom’s birthday she and I looked on Pinterest (I recently introduced her to Pinterest and she’s been working hard to master it!) for some ideas.  She had just gotten the terrible cold that was going around and wasn’t feeling too great so she decided she wanted a soup.  We decided on this Garlicky Kale and White Bean Stew which turned out AMAZING.  I definitely recommend it to all you lovies.  Then we came across this Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells with a Lemon Sage Brown Butter Sauce.  Don’t let the long title scare you.  It actually wasn’t that difficult to make.  Especially if you have time to separate the steps so that you’re not doing everything all at once.  I had never worked with butternut squash so I had to look up how to peel and chop it and it was super simple.  And the shells?  Amazing.  Delicious.  So good.  The only problem we had was with the brown butter sauce.  It set our fire alarm off.  You don’t want to eliminate the sage and lemon flavors but my Mom suggested next time we make it to do a cream sauce instead of a butter sauce.  It would also help to keep the shells moist and the leftovers would be tastier.  Finally, I made little toasties.  I just cut up french bread, smeared a little butter, sprinkled some garlic salt, and topped with Parmesan and oregano.  Yumms.  And for dessert I made my family’s favorite: a Chocolate Roulade with homemade whip cream inside.  We love this dessert and it has become a specialty of mine.  I’ll have to post the recipe soon.

052 051 057


































(it might not look pretty, but it sure is delicious)!!

Does your family cook the birthday person a special dinner?  What’s your family’s favorite dessert?


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