Brother Gift Ideas

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Since I don’t have a boyfriend, I decided to make this list a brother gift idea since I’ve got one of those!  Obviously these apply to any man in your life, but I kept Sean in mind.  For reference, he is 28, smart, likes quirky things, I describe his fashion sense as something you could find at a used clothing store (think plaid), and particular about his clothes (no brand logos or animals).  Here we go!

P.S. I wanted to make this on Polyvore because it is fun, but they have very limited guys clothes!

1. A shirt.  Always a classic.  I have to be careful about what I pick because, like I said above, he has requirements.  But I also like to think of gift giving as a chance to buy someone something they might not necessarily pick themselves.  And every man likes the wrinkle free option!

Calvin Klein Dress Shirt in purple

American Eagle Plaid Shirt

2. A map.  This was an actual request.  He wants a map of the world.


3. Skin care.  Come on, you know he won’t buy it himself!


4. An eReader.  The new Nook looks pretty cool!


5. We love poker in our house.  Who wouldn’t love a fancy poker set for Christmas?


What is on your Christmas list for a guy in your life?  What would you add to my list above?  Don’t forget to enter the Secret Santa giveaway!


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