Whomp whomp…

It’s typical Jacquelyn over here.  Once I get started and excited about a new physical adventure, I hurt myself.  And true to me, I have no idea how I did it.

In college I woke up with my neck stuck to the left.  It took an emergency physical therapist appointment 4 hours to just get it looking straight and another  week to even be able to move it.

Another time I was out walking with friends and my knew gave out when I went to step up a stair.  I just completely collapsed.

I’ve never been able to pinpoint any specific moment before feeling the injury that I could say, “yup, that’s what did it.”

This time it’s my back.  My lower back had been bothering me for a few days, but I just attributed it to not stretching enough after running.  My legs were super tight and that really pulls on your low back muscles causing tightness and pain.  So when the pain got pretty bad I got down on the floor to do some stretches and went about the rest of my night.  As I was packing for a work trip my back completely gave out when I was squatting in front of my dresser.  I couldn’t get up for a while and finally made my way out to the living room to lay on ice.  An hour later it’s worse and my roommate is helping me go to bed for the night by carrying everything in so all I had to worry about was my own body weight.  The next day I called a chiropractor in town and he did some magical cracking and I felt pretty good.  All last week I took it easy.  I had to cancel a work trip and not go on campus because I couldn’t carry anything.  By the end of the week I had my second chiro appointment and felt a lot better so I decided to travel this week.

I think 90 minutes in the car did me in.  I made sure to get out every 30 minutes and walk around.  I also brought an ice pack and am being very conscious of my posture, especially when sitting.  But today while enjoying lunch I felt the familiar cricks in my back and realized I needed to get back to the hotel asap to ice my back.

This sucks.

My new best friend are my many ice packs and ibuprofen.

I thought I’d feel better by the end of this week, but who knows anymore?  If I don’t feel better next week I’ll have to rethink the 10k in October.  I don’t want to cancel because I am super duper excited to run a 10k in my town.

Any suggestions?  The chiropractor thinks I might have a herniated disk but I haven’t gotten an MRI so we can’t say for sure.  All I know is this is daaaaaaarrrnnnn painful.

What do you do when an injury holds your race training back?  

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