Coffee Talk

So… let’s catch up.  Grab some coffee, pull up a chair, and I’ll catch you up.  August was a busy month.

– Found a new place to live with my friend Dashielle.  Told current landlord I was out of there and waited to hear if they would find a new tenant so I could break my lease.

– Went home for the weekend for my parent’s salsa performance and to help my Mom set up her new classroom.  Things quickly changed.  When I arrived at my parent’s on Friday I learned my Dad’s cousin, who had been battling cancer for 8 years, wasn’t doing well.  An hour later we got the phone call.  My three day visit turned into a week long visit when we learned what the arrangements would be.  To some families, a parent’s cousin isn’t someone you’re close with.  In my family, it was like losing my own cousin.  My Dad’s side of the family is extremely close (most of them live within a mile of my parent’s house!) and this was an incredibly somber occasion.  One of the longest weeks of my life.  But there is always some sun behind the rain cloud.  Another one of my Dad’s cousins came up from North Carolina with his wife and son.  I haven’t seen them in over 10 years and this is the first time I met their son.  Too cute.  Loved having them at my parent’s house and spending so much time together.

– Came home and immediately packed and left for a work trip to St. Louis where our summer sales meeting was being held.  I took a picture for my Mumsie.

– Returned to the ‘hem and got ready for the move happening in two days.  My BFFL Becky offered to come up and help me pack.  Then she stayed the night.  And then she helped me move the next day.  Could. Not. Have. Done. It. Without. Her.

– Moved.  I now live in a much bigger apartment, pay half the rent I was paying for my shoebox before, and have a roommate.  My roommate comes with a sewing corner.  What does your roommate come with?

– And here we are enjoying some drinks and dancing right after we were mistaken for a couple.  It happens.

– And for those of you who have asked when they get to see photos of the new place I say, come see the new place in person!

Thanks for caring enough to read!  My life has been crazy this past month and I’m finally starting to feel somewhat normal again.

Any exciting updates in your life?

One response to “Coffee Talk

  1. I am excited about healing from my recent surgery and being able to start working out again! I like the Bardot hoop in gold 🙂

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