Rachel & Scott

I got crafty this weekend.  Crafty in a jiff.

Rachel‘s engagement party snuck up on me.  Well, September snuck up on me really.

I knew I wanted to get a little something for the happy couple.  I met Rachel in grad school and we instantly fell in lurve.  Our mutual love of yoga, all things French, and being our own selves drew us together like velcro.

And then she had to go and move to Connecticut to live with some boy.  Seriously?  Who would leave me?

And now they are engaged.  I guess the move was a good one after all?

So I opened my basket of embroidery tools and sat down to make this lovely number.  Best part?  It’s from my heart (ha!) and (cover your eyes, Rachel!) it cost me about $6!  What do you think?

Got the idea from Pinterest.  The pin said it came from an Etsy shop but she closed down.  I felt a little bad taking her idea, but hey that’s the internet I guess!

Okay, I still feel bad.  But I thank her for giving me this great idea!

Letters and arrow are done in back stitch.  The heart is split stitch.

To see my other craftiness, check out Milo Pillow, Baby Owl Pillow, and Mr. Owly Pillow.

Interested in a custom embroidered piece?  Contact me for more information!

Have you recently made anything for a friend?  How do you feel about handmade gifts?

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