Running… it’s quite the journey.  I have never experienced so many trials and tribulations in my life.  And I am amazed, knowing my history and temperament, that I have stuck with it.  I constantly remind myself of where I started and, when I look at where I am today, that keeps me going.  Keeps me picking up my feet.  Keeps my lacing up my sneakers.  Keeps me from quitting in the middle of a run.

A while ago I announced my intent to run the Runner’s World 10k in Bethlehem, PA in October.  And I am sticking to it.  Public announcements will do that to you.  The day I made that announcement I was pumped, had an amazing playlist queued up, and hit the canal trail for my first couch to 10k run.

And I hurt myself.

I really hurt.

For weeks after I was in so much pain.  After some serious online research, because everything we read on the internet is true, I self diagnosed myself as having plantar fasciitis.  And after enough complaining on facebook about my issues, finally some kind friends, one of which is on her way to becoming an awesome physical therapist, recommended some treatments and they worked.  They were painful, but they worked.  The point of my sharing this is that the pain stopped my from running for a few weeks and really pushed back my training.  The old me, or maybe still the same me but with a little more self-motivation, would have let this stop me from doing the 10k.  But my feet and I are still determined to make this running thing a serious gig.

I realized my mistake in my first day of 10k training those many weeks ago.  I went out on a 90+ degree day, with the sun at full force, and attempted to do a run that my body was not ready for.  I got seriously dehydrated and hurt myself.  Big mistake.  So I decided that once I was feeling better, I’d put aside the 10k plan and just get out there and do a few runs sticking to 1 to 2 miles and varying speeds to get my body used to running again.  It must have worked because last night I kicked ass in a 10k training run.  I believe the key is to not run at full sun. Duh!

So I am back, my friends.  Back to running.  Back to training for the 10k.  And hopefully, back to writing on a regular basis again 🙂

Anyone else running the Runner’s World 10K?  How do you get through fitness highs and lows?

To read about other running highs and lows from a much more eloquent and experienced runner, check out Emily’s blog.

P.S. For those who live in the Bethlehem area be sure to come to the Veg Fest!


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