Wordless Wednesday: Kentucky

My Mom and I took a 12 hour road trip to Kentucky recently.  My favorite moments:
1. Long car ride with my Mom.
2. Seeing a certain Tasmanian devil and his Mama.
3. Churchill Downs (where the Kentucky Derby is)
4. The Maker’s Mark distillery tour.

(Updated to include a picture of dooobeeedooo [the commenter below]).

A few hours into the car ride and I already made a mess of myself.

Someone slept a little…

See the leash?

My first horse racing bet!

Me and my cousin excited about the races!



Bourbon storage!

An old drive through liquor store. It’s up higher so the carriages are at the right height!


3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Kentucky

  1. I love the picture of us. OH WAIT

    • I do apologize. I do not own that picture and so it was not in my files when I was searching for pictures for this post. But it’s there now. Bam!

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