On Being Lazy

Sometimes I am so lazy and tired that I can’t even muster the energy to go to bed.  Okay, most times I’m that way.

I’m moving in a few weeks (yay!) and yesterday I started the packing process by tackling my storage closet.  The storage closet holds most of my work items (I work from home so storage is up to me) which includes textbooks, presentation materials, extra stuff like business cards, and mobility items like a cart.  It also holds holiday items, extra toiletries, files and documents, coats, scarves and other winter items, cleaning supplies, etc.  All in all, it was a mess and it needed to be conquered.

I mostly conquered it.

The biggest item holding me back were two suitcases that I never fully unpacked after two different trips.  One trip was a month ago the other a few weeks ago.  I am that lazy.

So I finally unpacked those items and moved on to developing a new organization system for the work items that I’d like to keep in my car.  There were too many times on campus when I’d think “man I wish I had those cards I bought right now” and they’d be in my closet doing me no good.  So I spent the bulk of my day purging work items and organizing some bins.

And those things I unpacked from the suitcase?  Most of them ended up my on my bed and couch making my night time laziness even worse.  In order to go to bed last night I had to first clean off the bed.  Man, it stinks being lazy!

Anyone else experience night time laziness where your too tired to drag yourself to bed?  How do you combat your natural lazy tendencies?


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