Iron Transfer Pen

Jacquelyn’s method for using an iron transfer pen.  I got mine at Michaels or AC Moore.

1. Print your image on regular computer paper.
2. Cut around the image to remove excess paper.
3. If you’re adding something to the image like I did above, cut out the separate piece and tape it to the image where you want it.  It doesn’t matter that the paper is covering the outline like above because the outline will still show up on the back of the paper.
4. Turn your image over and trace the outline with your iron transfer pen.  If you are having trouble seeing the outline, use a light source like a light box or my ghetto method: my laptop.  I flatten the laptop as much as I can and turn it on so the screen is bright and place the image on the screen to trace.  It works really great, just be careful to test a small spot to make sure your pen won’t bleed through!  Press lightly with the pen.  If your lines are thick on the paper, they will be thick on the fabric and the embroidery floss probably won’t cover them.  The ink does not wash away.
5. Once you have outlined your image on the back of the print out, you’re ready to iron it.  Place your image pen transfer side down on your fabric.  I suggest placing something hard, like extra fabric or cardboard, under your fabric so that the image doesn’t bleed through… I made that mistake.  I also suggest using a piece of scrap fabric in-between the paper and your iron so that the printer ink doesn’t end up on your iron.  Made that mistake too.  Be sure to double check that the pen side is down and not the printer ink side.  Made that mistake also.
6.  Hold your iron on the image for about 30 seconds.  Make sure you don’t rub the iron back and forth or your image might slide around.  Carefully peal back a corner to see if you’ve ironed enough.
7. When you’re finished ironing, remove all the pieces and you’re ready to embroider!

(One day I’ll add images to these instructions).

If you have any questions, I am happy to help!

Any embroidery tips for the crowd?

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