Giveaway Time!

Guess what yesterday marks?  Reaching 10 WordPress followers (that means 10 followers who also use WordPress to host their blogs)!!  Toooooo exciting!!  In honor of 10 followers I am hosting my first giveaway!  One lucky winner, chosen at random on Friday, April 20, 2012, will win one of my favorite things:
(please note, I am in no way involved in an endorsement deal with this product/company)

Nalgene Water Bottle.  This bad boy goes everywhere with me.  I have been made fun of because apparently I carry it like a baby.  This giant bottle helps make sure I am getting enough water in the day by setting a goal to fill up and finish the Nalgene 4 times a day.  And I feel good because I’m not wasting resources by using throw-away bottles 🙂

To enter:

1. Make sure you’re a follower!  You are not eligible to win unless you are!

2. Leave a comment below about one of your favorite things and how it keeps you sane.

That’s it!  Easy peasy!!!  Winner will be chosen at random on Friday!

Giveaway closed!  Thank you to everyone who entered.

14 responses to “Giveaway Time!

  1. I love Nalgene bottles. One of my favorite things is my ipod, it keeps me motivated!

  2. Books and my children keep me sane, even though my kids often drive me insane! I love the water bottle…great way to keep a goal of getting plenty of H2O. Congrats on your 10 follower goal too!

  3. Those would be my Mizuno running shoes. I believe you know why they keep me sane, but just in case you don’t, a Sara who does not run is a very spastic and cranky Sara indeed. Once, a couple years ago, I was having a grouchy-professor day and one of my students was all, “Yo, no offense, Professor, but could you PLEASE go for a run between now and when you grade our papers?”


  4. My favorite thing is chocolate. It keeps me sane ^_^

  5. My favourite thing to keep me sane is my portable DVD player! I can’t last a day without watching my favourite series and films! 🙂

    • Yes!! I just moved within walking distance of a library and it has done wonders for my TV series watching! I just finished Big Love and I’m working on finishing Weeds.

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