Another Absence…

Sometimes I beat myself up just a little bit that I have slacked on writing.  And sometimes I forgive myself because I am a busy girl.  And other times I realize that I just don’t have any inspiration for writing and that is when I get sad.  At heart, I am a words person.  I love words.  Love. Them.  And being a words person means I must always be reading or writing something.  I mean always.  Whatever I am doing, I am either reading or writing.  Even when I’m driving.  Every sign that passes by, I read.  I can give you directions somewhere based on the signs you will pass along the way.  If I hear something I like during the day, I write it down.  I have pieces of paper stashed everywhere and most times I have no idea what happens to them.  Little scraps of sentences clutter my wallet, purse, and bag I use for work.  So that is why it makes me sad when I lack any writing inspiration and saddens even more when someone thinks my writing is taking away from my job.  It makes me not want to write anymore when I hear or think that someone believes I am writing rather than working.  As much as I would love to get paid to read and/or write, I don’t.  I get paid to sell.  So sell is what I spend most of the time doing, and truth be told I think it is part of the reason I lack writing inspiration.  When I was writing regularly I would do most of my writing in one day and then schedule the posts to go live throughout the week.  Or I would write a post the night before and schedule it to post the next day.  So while I was out meeting with professors and navigating college campuses, my posts were going live and updates were appearing on Facebook and Twitter without me doing a thing.  So please, friends, don’t think that I am slacking on my job… I’m just slacking on my writing.

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