Some Bloggie Lovin

Hello lovelies!  The weather here in Doodlehem, PA has been absolutely lovely this week!!  Feeling the Spring spirit, I thought it would be nice to spread a little bloggie love.  I read a lot of blogs.  A lot.  And really, what good does that do anyone if I’m not sharing what I find?  Not much.

So this post is all about recent blog posts I’ve found that have inspired me in some way recently.  If I’ve tagged you, feel free to keep the spirit going and fill in your own tags!  And don’t forget to link back to me as “the one who started it all!”  I hope you find a new blogger or post that helps you out!  Remember to show some bloggie love by following the blogger!!

(I tried not to repeat any bloggers, but sometimes I just had to!)

1. The one that inspires an outfit… J’s posts on J’s Everyday Fashion are spectacular because of her never ending creativity with practical applications (well, except for all those heels– I don’t know how she does it!).  The best part of her posts?  She shows you where she got her inspiration and tells you her thought process.  This post inspired me to purchase a teal cardigan from Target.  I know I know cardigans aren’t very creative for me since I am a self-professed cardi-lover.  But the teal is a stretch for me.  And so is J’s color combo here.  While I won’t wear the red shirt (I have a strong, unexplained dislike for the color red) I’m thinking I might pair my new teal cardi with a fun color rather than the predictable grey, white, and black.  Read J’s post here!  Oh, and the best part of J?  We go by the same initial!

2. The one that inspired me to get moving… Gina is the enviable lady behind The Fitnessista where she blogs about living a healthy life as a wife, sister, daughter, and new mom!  Sometimes her energy and perkiness kills me (in a good way).  But most of the time it inspires me to get off my butt!!  This post in particular made me stop and think, “come on, if she can fit in a treadmill work out and find the energy to work hard on said treadmill, then surely I can.”  And, no joke, right after reading this post I got up and killed it at the gym.  When you stop by her blog, be sure to check out her family page to see her beautiful baby girl!

 3. The one that inspires me to be more creative… There are a few great things about the blog world… you learn something, you “meet” people you never would have otherwise, you get inspired daily, you find someone who just gets it, and you get introduced to new blogs everyday!  The Fitnessista has a brother and that brother has a fiancé and that fiancé blogs over at With a Sentimental Heart.  Her name is Meg.  And Meg has an amazing ability to turn thrift store finds into one of a kind pieces.  Meg inspires me every day to try and be more creative… it doesn’t always work out.  This weekend I am planning on being a thrift store warrior and see if I can find some frames to repurpose!  In this post, Meg explains some thrift store tips.  It focuses on clothing, but the same principles can be applied to furniture/décor.  P.S. want to create your own wire headband?  Meg explains how as a guest writer on The Fitnessista’s fashion page.

4. The one that inspired me to get more money savvy… Things After Rings features posts about everyday life as a newly married 20-something in our nation’s capital.  Joanna writes about fitness, food, money, and navigating the scary (my word, not hers) world of marriage.  I was doing a little blog stalking and sat down to read all of her posts from the beginning which is how I came across this gem.  In this post Joanna talks about finances and the new method she is using to get out of debt and pay off her student loans.  Being in a similar boat drowning in the sea of student loans, this post set off a fire storm in my brain.  Check it out if you’re looking for some money inspiration!  Oh, and if you’re wondering if she is as sweet as she sounds in her blog I can attest that she is!  We went to high school together!

5. The one that introduced me to a new blog… I’m always looking for new blogs and my latest quest is to find bloggers that live near me/in PA.  It’s nice to read about people experiencing the same weather (love J, but she is in Florida and her fashion posts often reflect that!  Although she does try to keep her friends up north in mind), shopping in the same areas, and dealing with the same trials and tribulations that different geographic regions bring.  J’s Everyday Fashion recently went to Austin, TX and spoke on a panel with a few other bloggers and one of them happens to live in PA!  Meet Blue Collar Catwalk!  I just started reading her blog a few minutes before writing this post and so far I’m digging it!

6. The one that makes me wish I travelled abroad in college… Michael is the cousin of a cousin—figure that one out.  He is living the dream in London and makes me jealous every time I read one of his posts.  He is of the witty variety and his blog is called Michael Goes to London.  He recently spring breaked (I made up a word there) in Ireland… yeah.  He went to Ireland for spring break.  Grrrr.  Michael’s blog is full of pictures so if you’re more into looking and not reading, it’s a good place for that.

7. The one that inspires me to read more and write about it… I swear the chick behind A Midsummer Night’s Read must do nothing but sit in lovely chairs, reading lovely books, and writing lovely posts all day long.  I envy her.  Recently she inspired me to partake in the Feature and Follow Friday and got me thinking more about books.  Since I love YA lit, this post in particular made me want to run to my Nook (no longer running to the store) and purchase every single one of these that I haven’t read.  I just have one question for A Midsummer… how do you find the time?

8. The one who has a bucket list… Yashar has a 30 before 30 list on his blog and writes posts on how he is working towards each item on his list.  He links to each post and even crosses off ones he accomplishes.  Like an actual list!  His list inspires me to keep my own monthly goals in mind and to stay focused on achieving life!  Be aware… his blog has an unusual title and even more unusual tag line.  Oh, and check out #19… as far as I know he is still single 😉 I’d be happy to pass along his digits.

9. The one who has fun videos… Emily recently had a baby and that baby is toooooo cute.  She posts little videos every now and then of her and Cullen.  This is another blog that has awesome photos if you’d rather gawk.  Her most recent video has no application to my life right now, but is still fun to see baby in action.  To all new moms out there: Emily shows you how she uses all those crazy wraps to carry babies in!  P.S. Daily Garnish originally started as a healthy food blog and continues to be that.  If you’re looking for some healthy, delicious, easy recipes then this is your place!  I’m excited to try this one soon!  Oh, and P.P.S., she is the brains behind Recipage!

10. The one who inspires me to write more… Lauren DeStefano is an accomplished, published author and we are about the same age.  Grr.  I just finished the first two books of her YA dystopian trilogy, The Chemical Garden.  Wither and Fever were superb, but I’ll leave the gushing to the review I’ll eventually get around to write.  Uh, wait, isn’t this one about inspiring me to write more?  Ah, yes, I mean creatively.  Lauren’s unabashed honesty and wit on her blog keeps me coming back for me.  This post reminds me that writing is pure pleasure and doesn’t have to please everyone… sometimes it’s just for you.

Well, that’s it.  I tried to stick with the inspire theme but couldn’t find a way to spin it for four of them.  6 out of 10 isn’t bad though, right?

I hope this list helps you to discover some new blogs, some posting inspiration, and some ideas for life!!


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  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out Jacquelyn!

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